Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford Revised (302)

302. To Lady Kenmore on her husband's death   From St. Andrews

Madam,- Grace, mercy and peace be to you Ladyship. -I am heartily sorry your Ladyship is deprived of such a husband, and the Lord's church of so active and faithful friend. I know your Ladyship, long ago, got to know Christ would have you joined in fellowship with Himself (even with His own cross) and has taught you to rest your soul on the Lord's goodwill who does not tell any of us what He is doing. When He has led through this water that was in your way to glory, there are fewer behind: and His order is dismissing us and sending us out of the market before another is to be reverenced. One year's time in heaven will swallow up all sorrows even beyond comparison. What then, will not a duration of blessedness as long as God will live, fully and abundantly recompense! It is good our Lord has given a debtor, obliged by gracious promises, far more in eternity than time can make from you. And I believe your Ladyship has now been many years, advising and thinking what that glory will be which stays with the pilgrims and strangers on the earth when they come home, and which we may think of them loving and thirsting for. But we cannot comprehend it nor conceive of it as it is; far less can we over think or over love it. Oh, so long a Chapter, or rather so large a Volume. as Christ is, in the Diviniy of Glory! There is no more of Him let down and now to be seen and enjoyed by His children, than as much as may feel hunger in this life, but not satisfy it. Your Ladyship is a debtor to the Son of God's cross, that is wearing out love and engagement in the creature out of your heart by degrees. Or rather the obligation stands to His free grace who cares for your Ladyship in his gracious dispensation; and who is preparing and making ready the clothes of salvation for you; and who calls you with a new name, that the mouth of the Lord has named; and intends to make your crown of glory, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God (Is 62"2,3). You are required to postpone more than one heaven,; and yet He does not want a long day; it is fast coming and is sure payment. Though you do not pay for Him, he He has given a great price and ransom for you; and if the bargain were to be made again, Christ would give no less for you than what He has already given. He is far from regretting. I shall wish you no more (until time has gone out of the way), than the down payment of what He has purchased and prepared for you, which can never be fully preached, written, of thoght of, since it has not entered into the heart to consider it.
   So recommending your Ladyship to he rich grace of our Lord Jesus, I am, and rest, your Ladyship's at all respectful observance in Christ Jesus,  S.R.

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