Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford revised (308)

308. To the Right Honourable my Lady Viscountess of Kenmure,  From London 4 Mar 1644

  Madam, Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I am glad to hear your Ladyship is in any tolerable health; and will pray that the Lord be your Strength and Rock. I am sure that He took you out of the womb; and you have been thrown on Him from the breasts, I am confident He will not leave you until He crowns the work begun in you. 
   There is nothing here except divisions in the Church and Assembly; for besides Brownists and Independents (who of all that differ from us come nearer to walkers with God), there are many other sects here of Anabaptists, Libertines who are for all opinions in religion, fleshly and abominable Antinomians, and Seekers who are for no church ordinances, but expect apostles to come and reform churches; and a world of others, all against he government of presbyteries. Luther observed, when he studied to reform, that two and thirty different sects arose; all of which I have named a part, except those called Seekers who had not then arisen. He said God would crush them, and that they would rise again: both which we see happening. In the Assembly. we have well near ended the government, and are on the power of Synods, and I hope near an end with them; and so I trust to delivered from this prison shortly. The King has dissolved he treaty of peace at Uxbridge, and keeps to his sweet bishops, and would change nothing except a little of the rigour of their courts, and a suspending of laws against the ceremonies, not the removal of them. Our armies not prospering in Scotland is attributed here to the sins of the land, and particularly to the divisions and backsliding of many from the cause, and executing judgment against the bloody evil doers.
   My wife here, under the doctors, remembers her service to your Ladyship. So recommending you to the rich grace of Christ, I rest, your Ladyship's, at all obedience in Christ,  S.R.

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