Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rutherford Revised (347)

347. To my Lady Kenmure  From St. Andrews Jun 1657

Madam,I confess that I have cause to be grieved at my long silence or laziness in writing. I am also troubled to hear, that such who were debtors to your Ladyship for better dealing have served you with such evasiveness. You know that crookedness is neither strong, nor long enduring; and you know likewise, that these things spring not out of the dust. It is sweet to look upon the lawless and sinful stirrings of the creature as ordered by a most holy hand in heaven. Oh, if some could make peace with God! It would be our wisdom, and afford us much sweet peace, if oppressors were looked on as passive instruments, like the saw or axe in the carpenters hand. They are told (if such a distinction may be admit- ted), but not commanded, of God (as Shimei was, 2 Sam. xvi. 10), to do what they do.
   Madam, these many years the Lord has been teaching you to read and study well the book of holy, holy, and spotless sovereignty, in suffering from some near hand, and some far off. Whoever be the instruments, the replying of clay to the Potter, the Former of all, is undoubtedly the nothing-creature. I hope that He will clear you: but, when Zions public evils lie not near some of us, and leave no impression upon our hearts, it is no wonder that we be exercised with domestic troubles. But I know that you are taught by God to prefer Jerusalem to your chiefest joy. Madam, there is no cause of fainting: wait upon the not-delaying vision, for it will speak.
The only wise God be with you, and God, even your own God, bless you.
   Yours, at all observance, in God,   S. R.

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