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The changing world (318) Apr-Dec 2016

Apr 4th Dusseldorf C of E. Preached Jn 14 in Essen.
5th        Essen Old Synagogue.
6th        Home. D&co here.
7th        Down.
9th        D&co left.
10th      SC on Fames. CR Mk 4.
11th      Getring all done for my first wedding.
12th     U3A Israel since 1947.
13th      Lunch at Larson's.
14th      With Littles to Ask, Uxbridge.
17th      PL on day of atonement and encouragement. Met with Susan and lee to get marriage details.
18th      Wedding with about ten there followed by champagne and canes.
20th       U3A groups recruitment at Conservative Club.
22nd      To diabetic eye screening.
24th       HIRC Jn 1 again.
26th       After 27 years Hillsboough inquest sats 96 unlawfully killed.
29th       Saeed spoke at Barbara's. Roberts and Swearingens to lunch.
30th       Visited Braithwaite's.
May 1st Dis SS on WCF 5:5-7. HIRC.
6th         Sadia Khan elects mayor.
8th         Preached twice Hertford Evangelical.
10th       U3A Ireland.
11th       U3A After the election.
12th       Birthday dinner at Lisa's.
13th       Quiz in memory of david barnes at Log Cabin. Steve Pond quiz master. David Lefroy an assent.
18th        St Mark's harrow for incontinence.
21st        Ashley's wedding with Syon House reception.
Jun 1st    St Mark's again.
4th          Hauxton.
7th          U3A faith schools.
16th        Euro 2016 v Wales.
18th        Evangelical library.
20th         Eng v Slovenia.
Eric Larsonand family to dinner.
23rd        EU referendum. Farage just about conceded defeat before we went to bed on time as travelling tomorrow.
24th        Awoke to a huge surprise. BREXIT. Oh happy day. To Canterbury and the retainers of the family.
26th        Singletons to dinner.
Jul 5th U3A mission schools.
13th     Podiatry refers me for dressings.
17th     Roberts to lunch.
Aug 7th Southampton. P&OAurora with   seven Littles.Calm.Great food.
8th          Across Bay of Biscay.
9th           Round Finistere.
10th         Near gale. Headed for Madeira but fires kept us away and towards la Palmas.
11th         Overcast 25C.
12th         In La Palma. To Tenerife.
13th         Sunny tenerife. To Gran Canaria.
14th         No Sunday service. Gran Canaria. To Lanzarote.
15th         Arricife. Amazing volcanic island with activity beneath the surface. Off to Lisbon.
16th         Cloudy 24C at sea.
17th         Coach trip to a picturesque fortifies village near Lisbon.
18th         Boat trip to an island. To Bay of Biscay.
19th         At sea with an excellent ship's library book on Guinesses.
20th         Southampton after 3890 miles. Home.
30th         To town for a most unfair test of my translating ability. Could use neither dictionary notr Mac.
Sep 10th To near Cheltenham to Susan and Lee's.
25th        Sid Garland here.
28th        In town fro a professor interviewing me on L'Abri and IPC.
Oct 17th Briggs funeral. The miserable family who inherited did not give us anything at the wake.
23rd        Levy's to lunch.
27th        Did introduction to Words Religions at U3A which now meets in Ealing Green Methodist Church.
30th       Alison, Joel, Jared and Sophie to lunch.
Nov 1st U3A forgiveness. Podiatry referred me to Ealing hospital where their idea of urgent is an appointment in three month's time.
2nd       U3A Russia.
6th      Donald and Roberts to lunch.
8th        On Brentford session meeting at The red Lion W5.
10th      U3A Allenby and the 1917 conquest of Jerusalem.
12th      Evangelical library.
13th      Lunch at Cradock. Then he drove me and Rob Ilderton to Derby for ordination for CC is now moderator and drives like Jehu.
14th      With Littles cafe Rouge.
17th       To Urology consultant.
20th       Bethany baptised Melbourne Baptist.
21st       Sleep clinic. Not doing well.
23rd      Chaired half AGM and all done by 9pm.
27th      Sarah and Joe Manjaly and Ron S to lunch.
28th       Lunch with Braithwaites Potters bar. Peter divorcing we are sad to hear.
Dec 3rd  Canterbury.
4th          St Mary's. Home.
5th          For the first time I forgot the session meeting.
6th          U3A Asher's Bakery etc.
7th          U3A Trump.
13th        Took K and cello to Town hall carols.
15th        Carols at Drayton.
24th        J&co here.
25th        Service at Drayton. Turkey.
26th        Deb's turkey bake at Littles.
27th        Lunch at new Perival farm carver. J&co home.

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