Friday, February 15, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (10)

10. For Marion M'Naught.  Anwoth,  undated

Well loved and dear sister in Christ,  I could not until now write an answer to you letter concerning my wife's illness; and she is still in much pain. I hope that all will end in God's mercy. I know the suffering life looks very like the way that leads to the Kingdom, for the Apostle has drawn the path and the King's way to market, 'through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.' (Act 14:22; 1Th 3:4). may the Lord give us the whole armour of God.

   You write to me about your people's condition, how their hearts are towards the man you know, and who you desire most strongly yourself. He would most gladly have the Lord's call for transplanting; for he knows that all God's plants, set by His own hand, do well; and if the work be God's, He can make the devil himself to be a stepping so stone for the work to go forward.I would advise you to ask God a submissive hear. Your reward will be with the Lord, although the people are not gathered (as the prophet says);and even though the work does not advance, God will see you as 'a repairer of the gaps'. Christ says you will not lose your reward. Hold tight. If you knew that the glorified in heaven think heaven easily obtained, when they have it after sixty of eighty years of struggling with God. When you come there you will think,'All I did to get my rich reward, which I enjoy by free grace, was but too little. Now then, for the love of the Prince of your salvation, who stands at the end of your path, holding up in this hand the prize and laurels for the race runners, forward, forward; do not weary. Take as many with you to heaven as you are able to attract. The more you attract, the more welcome you will be yourself.. Do not be stingy of sparing of the grace of God; and make every effort to establish an honest ministry in your town, now when you have few to speak well of you. I have many suffering in my work. I would be distressed if I had no access to the King's presence room, to show Him all the work. The devil is mad to see the water drawn away from his own mill; but would to God we could be the Lord's instruments to build the Son of God's house. 
   Pray for me. If the Lord does not provide new timber from Lebanon to build the house, the work will stop. I look to Him who has begun well with me. I have his handwriting that he will not change. Your daughter is well and longs for a Bible. The Lord establish you in peace. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. 
   Yours at all power in Christ,      S.R.

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