Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Rutherford revised (33)

33. To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth  Undated

Mistress, - my love in Christ remembered. Please understand; sadly our Communion is delayed until the Sabbath in eight days time; the lord and lady have strongly urged me to delay it because lord is sick and he is afraid he will not be able to travel because he has recently been taking medicine. The Lord bless that work. As you love me, commend it to God for I am not a happy with Satan's thorns thrown in the Lord's path. The Lord rebuke him. I trust in God's mercy Satan has got a delay but the Lord's kingdom will not be hurt. Pray to God for the lord. I ask you to tell your people so that they should not be disappointed by coming her. Show those you love in Christ, my message that Jesus Christ will be welcome when he comes in that he will have for eight days sharpened  their desire. I hope that your daughter is well in every way. Do not forget the church; they are bastards not sons and daughters who do not mourn for the church. Lord hear us! No more. Jesus Christ be with your spirit. I will remember you and your new house. Lord Jesus go from the one house to the other.
   Yours at all power in the Lord,   S.R.

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