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Rutherford revised (35)

35. To Lady Kenmure                  From Anwoth  29 Apr 1634

All submissive and dutiful obedience in our Lord Jesus remembered. I trust I need not much to ask your Ladyship to look up to Him who has troubled you at this time; but my duty, remembering the comfort I found in your Ladyships kindness when I was downcast,  in a time like that, tells me to say something now. And I wish I could help your Ladyship, at least with words. I am persuaded your Doctor will not kill you but purge you, seeing he calls Himself the Surgeon who makes the wound and binds it up again for to lance a wound is not to kill but to cure the patient (Dec 32:39). I believe that faith will teach you to kiss a striking Lord,  and so  can acknowledge the sovereignty of God (in the death of a child) to be above the power of us mortal men who may pluck a flower in the bud and not be blamed. Fo for it. For if our dear Lord can pluck up one of these roses and pull down sour and green fruit before harvest, who can challenge Him? For he sends us to his world as men to a market to buy and sell and pass through the fair in which some stay many hours  until they are tired, and such are those who get a long  a heavy fill of this life. And others again come  to the morning market and do neither sit nor stand nor buy nor sell, but look around them a little and soon go home again and these are infants and young children who end their short market in the morning and get only a short view of the Fair. Our Lord who has numbered man's months and send him limit that he cannot pass  though it (Job 14:5) has written the time of our market and it's easier to complain about his plan them to change it. 
    I truly believe when I write this, that your Lord has taught your Ladyship to put your hand on your mouth.  I shall be far from wanting your Ladyship or any others to refuse a cross, like an old useless bill that is fit only for the fire, but rather would wish each cross be looked in the face seven times and read over and over. It is the messenger of the Lord and speaks something; and the man of understanding will hear the rod and Him and that has appointed it. Try the taste of the Lord's cup and drink with God's blessing that by it you may grow. I trust in God' whatever it says to your soul, this is one word in it, ' Behold, blessed is the one whom God reproves;' (Job 5:17); and that it says to you, 'You are away from home while you are here. You are not of this world as your Redeemer Christ was not of this world.' There is something kept for you which is worth having. All that he is here is condemned to die, to pass away like a snowball before the summer sun; and since death took possession first of something of yours it has being daily creeping nearer and nearer to you though you hear no  sound of footsteps. Your Gardener and Lord has cut off some branches already; the tree itself is to be transplanted to the higher garden, in some good time. Made our Lord ripen your Ladyship. All these crosses, (and indeed when I remember them, they are heavy and many; may peace, peace be the end of them) are to make you white and ripe for the Lord's harvest sickle. I have seen the Lord weaning you from the breasts of this world. It was never His purpose that it should be your inheritance; and I thank God for that. You look more like one of the heirs. Let this world's things go; why not? They are not yours. Fasten your grip upon the inheritance; and may Jesus make the promises sure and give your Ladyship growth like a palm tree on God's Mount Zion; however shaken by winds, the root is firm. This is all I can do; to recommend your situation to your Lord, who has written you on the palms of his hand. If I were able to do more, your Ladyship can believe me that I gladly would. I trust soon to see your Ladyship. Now may He who has called you, confirm and establish your heart in grace, for the Day of the Liberty of the Sons of God. 
   Your Ladyships at all submissive obedience in his sweet Lord Jesus,   S. R.

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