Monday, February 25, 2019

Rutherford revised (32)

32. To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth  2 Mar 1634

Mistress, -My love in Christ remembered. I am unconcerned and fearfull for this work of our Lord's which fast approaches because of the danger of the times, and I dare not for my soul's sake that stay this silent to see my Lord's house burning and to not cry 'Fire, fire!'. Therefore seek from our Lord spiritual wisdom to speak with liberty our Lord's truth. I am downcast and want access and presence with the King even if I have to break iron doors. I believe you will not forget me, and you will ask Jean Brown, Thomas Carson and Marian Carson to help me. Pray for a well cooked meal and a hearty Saviour crying with joy, 'Welcome in my Father's name'.
    I am confident the church will be well; the Bush will burn and not be consumed because of the goodwill of Him lives in the Bush. But the Lord is making a fire in Jerusalem and will blow the bellows to melt the tin and brass and bring us the beautiful bride out on the fire who will be married again to the new husband and sing as in the days of her youth when the marriage contract is written again. But I fear the bride is hidden for a time from the dragon that chases the woman with child. But what if we go and stay in the deserts for a time? For the Lord will take his church to the desert and speak to her heart.
   Nothing  saddens me except I fear the Lord will put down the shepherd's tents and feed His own in a secret place. But whatever happens let u and he will carry is all well enough and give the affairs of the bride to the bridegroom; the government is upon his shoulders and he will carry us all well enough. That fallen star, the princes of the bottomless pit, knows it is nearly time when he will be tormented; and now at his evening he has gathered his armies to win one battle or two as the sun is going down. And now when our Lord has been watering vineyards in France, Germany and Bohemia; how can we think ourselves to be Christ's sister if we are not like Him and our other great sisters? I cannot help thinking; seeing that the ends of the earth are given to Christ (Ps 2:8), and Scotland is the end of the earth, so we are in Christ's inheritance a seed out Lord will keep his possession. We are Christ's by promise and law. He won us by the sweat of his brow, if I may say so ; His Father has promised Him the tenancy of Scotland. Glory, glory to our king! Long may he wear his crown. O Lord, let us never see another King! O let him come down like rain on the new mown grass!
   I remembered you last Saturday morning and three times on end I remembered you in my prayers to God. Grace, grace be your portion.
   Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus ,   S.R.

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