Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Rutherford revised (34)

34. To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth  25 Apr 1634

Well beloved sister, -  my old and dearest love in Christ remembered. Know that I have been visiting my Lady Kenmure. Her child is with the Lord. I beg you visit her and  the good wife of Barncapple to visit her and Knockbrecks (Mr Gordon), if you see them in the town. My Lord her husband is away and I think she will be sad. You know what Mr W Dalgleish and I wanted you to see at my Lord Kirkcudbright's hand. Make me know if you obtain anything at my Lord's hands concerning the giving up of our names to the High Commission; for I hear it is not for nothing that the Bishop has taken that path. Our Lord knows what is best for an old church that has fallen from her first love and has for many days forgotten her Husband. A trial is likely to come on but I am sure our Husband Christ will lose chaff but no corn at all. Yet there is a dry wind coming but neither to fan nor to purge. Happy are they who are not blown away with the chef, for we will suffer temptation for ten days but those who are faithful to the death we receive the crown of life. I hear daily what has been spoken about myself unjustly and falsely, and no marvel,l the dragon with the swing of his tail has made the third part of the stars to fall from heaven and the fallen stalls would have many to fall with them. If ever Satan was busy; now, when he knows his time is short he is busy. 'Yet a little while and he that well come, will come and not delay.' I know that before long the Lord will come and fix all matters between us and our enemies. Now welcome Lord Jesus; come quickly.
   Tell me about Grizel your daughter whom I remember in Christ; and ask her to throw herself in the in his arms who was born of woman, and being the Ancient of days, was made a young weeping child. It was not for nothing that our brother Jesus was an infant. It was that he might pity infants of believers who were to come out of the womb into the world, I believe our Lord Jesus will be waiting with mercy, mercy, mercy to the end of that battle and bring her through with the life and peace and a sign of Gods favour. I will expect confirmation from you is especially if you fear for her. Mistress you remember that I said to you about your love to me and my brother, begun in Christ; you know we are not strangers here and you have not yet found us to be dry wells as others have been. Do not be suspicious. I trust in God that the Lord who joined us together will keep us together. It is time now for the lambs of Jesus to all run together when the wolf is barking at them; yes I know before God's children have a cross, their love among themselves shall be a cross but our Lord gives love for another purpose. I know you will cover sufferings with love and our Lord give you wisdom in all things. I think love has broad shoulders and will bear many things and yet neither faint nor sweat nor fall under the burden. 
   Commend me to your husband and dear Grizel. I think about her. Lord Jesus be in the fire with her, and then she will only smoke and not burn. Ask Mr Robert to excuse me for not seeing him at his house. I have my own reasons for it. Grace mercy and peace be with you. 
   Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus,   S, R.

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