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Rutherford Revised - (13)

13. For Marion M'Naught From Anwoth 7 May 1631

Well beloved sister, - since I left you, I have been thinking to the pride and malice of your opponents; and (since you have had the book of Psalms so often) you should take heart from this; for David's enemies sniffed at him, and through pride of heart said, You (God) will not call to account”(Ps 10:13).  I ask you, therefore, for Jesus sake, keep in sight the patience of your forerunner Jesus, who, 'When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly' (1 Pet 2:23). And since your Lord and redeemer, with patience took many a black beating on His glorious back, and many a blow from the unbelieving world, and says of Himself, 'I gave my back to those who strike, and my cheeks to those who pull out the beard; I hid not my face from disgrace and spitting.'( Is 50:6 ); follow Him, and think it not hard that you receive a blow with your Lord. Take part with Jesus in His sufferings, and glory in the marks of Christ. If this storm was over, you must prepare yourself for a new would; for, five thousand years ago, our Lord proclaimed deadly war between the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent. And do not be surprised if one town cannot keep the children of God and the children of the devil, for one belly could not keep Jacob and Esau (Gen 25:22); one house could not keep in peace together Isaac , the son of the promise, and Ishmael the son of the handmaid (Gen 21:10). You be on Christ's side of it and do not care what man can do. Keep tight by your Saviour, and those who follow Him, however you be troubled. In a little while the wicked will be no more. ' We are afflicted inevery waybut not crushedperplexedbut not driven to despair; persecutedbut not forsakenstruck downbut not destroyed;' (2 Cor 4:8-9). If you can patiently keep your soul, their day is coming. Worthy and dear sister, know how to keep yourself in trouble; and when you are hated and criticised, the Lord shows you - ' All this has come upon usthough we have not forgotten youand we have not been false to your covenant.'(Ps 44:17). 'If your law had not been my delightI would have perished in my affliction.' (Ps 119:92). Keep God's covenant in your trials. Hold to His word and do not sin. Keep from anger, wrath, grumbling, envy and worry. Forgive your fellow servant a few pence for the Lord has forgiven you ten thousand talents. For I assure you that your enemies will get no advantage over you, unless you sin and offend the Lord in your sufferings. But the way to overcome is by patience, forgiving and praying for your enemies, for by so doing you heap coals of fire, on their heads; and the Lord will open a door for you out of your troubles. Wait for him as the night watchman waits for the morning. He will not delay. Go to your look out tower, and do not come down but by prayer, faith and hope, keep watching. When the tide is full, it will ebb again; and so as soon as the wicked are at the top of their pride, and grown high and mighty, then their change is near. They who believe do not hurry.

   Remember the church, do not forget her, for her enemies are many; for the nations are gathered together against her. 'But they do not know the thoughts of the LORDthey do not understand his plan,that he has gathered them as sheaves to the threshing floorArise and threshO daughter of Zion,' (Mic  4:12-13). Look, God has gathered his enemies together, like sheaves for threshing. Now again, I trust in our Lord you will by faith  keep yourself, and comfort yourself in your Lord, and be strong in His power; for you are in the well trodden way to heaven when you are under our Lord's crosses. You have reason to rejoice in it, more than a crown of gold; and rejoice and be glad to bear Christ's reproaches. I rest, commending you and yours, forever to the grace and mercy of God.
   Yours in Christ,   S.R.

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