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Rutherford revised (30)

30. To Lady Kenmure                  From Anwoth  15 Nov 1633

Madam, - I planned and wanted to see your Ladyship; but because of a pain in my arm I could not. Do not think I have forgotten your Ladyship, from whom, at the start of my ministry in this country, and since also, I received such comforts and in my troubles, (as I trust in God never to forget) to pay back in the only way possible, that is for me to present your soul, person, house and all your needs to Him in whose I trust you are; and who is able to keep you until that Day of Appearance; and to present you before His face with joy. 
   I am confident your of Ladyship going forward in the journey begun to your Father's home and kingdom. But you do not lack temptations within and without. And who among the saints has ever taken that castle without wielding sword? The Head of the house our Elder Brother, our Lord Jesus Christ not excepted, who won his own house and home, due to him by birth, with much blood and many blows. Your Ladyship has more need to look to yourself, because our Lord has put you higher than the rest, and your way to heaven is through a more wild and wasted desert then the way of many of your fellow travellers; not only through the middle of this wood of thorns, the difficult world. It is also through these dangerous ways, the pride of it,  you thinking of which has often moved me to pity you, your soul and the soul of your worthy and noble husband. And it is more important for you to win heaven being larger ships, and in the ocean, than for little boats at the mercy of the storms; because they may come quietly to port because they are launched near the coast. Because of this you do a lot if also in the storm of busyness and crowd of temptations, you would give Christ Jesus his own court and  proper place in your soul. And now and I'm sure that that lovely one Jesus, is dearer to you then many kingdoms; and that you called him your Wellbeloved  and the Flagbearer, one among ten thousand (Son 5:10). And it is fitting for him to take  the place at the head of the table in your soul before all world. I only know and see him with you in the fire of suffering; so there He will woo you to himself and show you to be His; and now he wants nothing from you but your Love and that He get no reason to be jealous of you. And therefore dear and worthy lady, be like a fresh river the keeps its own fresh taste in the salt sea. This world is not worthy of your soul. Say goodbye to it when Christ comes in competition with it. Be like one from another country. Home! Stay not for the sun is going down and is near the tops of the mountain,s and the shadows stretch out at great length. Linger not to by the road. The world and sin would distract you and make you turn aside. Do not leave the way for them and the Lord Jesus be with the voyage.
   Madam, many eyes are upon you and many would be glad for you to falter and spoil a good profession. Lord Jesus, spoil their godless desires, and keep your conscience whole. If there is hole in it so it leaks in water, it will with difficulty mend. It is dainty and rare piece of the work of your Maker and therefore deal gently with it and keep it whole; that in the middle of this world's glory your Ladyship may learn to entertain Christ. And what ever creature your Ladyship finds not to smell of Him may is have no better taste than the white of an egg. Madam it is a part of the truth of your faith to speak words in the ears of your noble husband continually, about eternity, judgement, death, hell, heaven, the faith, the sins of his father's house. He must reckon with God about his father's debt; forgetting the account pays nothing. The interest of a forgotten debt runs up with God at compound interest. No; I know he looks to home and loves the truth but I pity him because of his many temptations. Satan lays on men a burden greater than a heavy weight; and he makes a pack horse of men's souls when they are set upon this world. We owe the devil no such service. It is wisdom to throw that load into the mud and cast all our cares on God.
  Madam, think as if you have no child. Make a promise to your Lord that she will be His if He take her; and thank and praise and glory to His holy name will be the interest for a year's loan of her. Look for crosses and while it is fair weather, mend the sails of the ship.
   Now hoping your Ladyship we'll pardon my long letter, I recommend your soul and person to the grace and mercy of our sweet Lord Jesus, in whom I am,
    Your Ladyships, at all dutiful obedience in Christ ,  S.R.

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