Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (17)

17. To Marion M'Naught  From Anwoth Undated

Well beBeloved sister, - My dearest love in Christ remembered to you. You should know I am very depressed about the sad state of our Lord's church. I hear the reason Dr Burton (Church of England minister) is in prison is his writing and preaching against the Arminians. I therefore ask for your prayers for myself, and the Lord's prisoners of hope, and for the church. The Lord has daily let me see clearly, how deep the furrows Arminianism, and its followers, plough on the back of God's Israel (but our Lord cut the cords of the wicked!).'But Zion said,' the
'Th          Lord has forsaken memy Lord has forgotten me.”' (Is 49:14) She weeps bitterly in the nightwith tears on her cheeksamong all her lovers she has none to comfort herall her friends have dealt treacherously with herthey have become her enemies. (Lam 1:2) Your silver has become drossyour best wine mixed with water.  (Is 1:22)  How the gold has grown dimhow the pure gold is changedThe holy stones lie scattered at the head of every street.The precious sons of Zionworth their weight in fine goldhow they are regarded as earthen potsthe work of a potter's hands!(Lam 4:1-2) It is now time for the Lord's secret ones, who value the dust of the church, to cry "How long Lard?'and to go up to their watch-tower, and to stay there, and not come down until the vision speak; for it will speak (Hab 2:3). Meanwhile, the just shall live by faith. Let us keep waiting and not tire. I do not have a thread to hang upon and rest, except this one, 'Can a woman forget her nursing childthat she should have no compassion on the son of her wombEven these may forgetyet I will not forget youBehold, I have engraved you on the palms of my handsyour walls are continually before me.' (Is 49:15-16). For all outside props fail; it is time for us to hang ourselves, as our Lord's vessels, upon the nail that is fastened in a sure place. We would fasten our own stakes, but they would break. Our Lord will have the church on His own nail. Edom is busy among us, and Babel outside of us, against the handful of Jacob's offspring. It is best we are on Christ's side of it, for His enemies will get the stalks to keep as the proverb says. Our greatest difficulty will be to win now upon the rock, when the winds and waves of persecution are so high and strong. Let sweet Jesus take us by the hand. We must not think it will be different; for it is told to the souls under the altar, 'the number of their fellowservants and their brothers should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been..' (Rev 6:11).Surely, it cannot be long to the day. No, hear Him say, 'Look I come My dear bride. I shall be with you soon. I hear you and am coming'.Amen; even so, come Lord Jesus, come quickly, for the prisoners of hope are looking out of the prison windows, to see if they can see the King's ambassador coming with the King's message and keys. I am not writing by guess work, but have authority to say to you that the clothes of Christ's bride must once again be dyed in blood, as long ago Her husband's were. But our Father sees His bleeding Son. What I write to you, show it to I G. Grace, grace, grace and mercy be with you, your husband and children.
   Yours in the Lord,   S.R.

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