Friday, February 15, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (8)

8. For Marion M'Naught when Rutherford's wife was ill - Anwoth , not dated.

Mistress, remembering my love to you in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to my Lord, I am well, but my wife's illness worsens daily, with constant pain. She has not been in God's house since communion, nor out of her bed. I have sent someone to Edinburgh for help from Doctor Jeally and apothecary John Hamilton.  I do not think this is a run of the mill illness , for her life is bitter; she does not sleep, but cries like a woman in labour. Only He who has the keys to the grave knows what will happen. Many times since I saw you, I have prayed the Lord to free her from the body, and take her to her rest. I believe the Lord's tide of suffering will go out again, I struggle with God, fearing nothing more than that the  Lord has freed the tempter in my family. May God rebuke him and his ways. Satan is only cast out by fasting and prayer, I ask you to remember our situation before the Lord asking for good Christian whom you know, especially your pastor, to do so too. It is fitting for us to knock at the Lord's door, and to stay there until we die knocking. If he will not open, that goes beyond what He has said in His word. I do not expect to get through life without injuries and blood. Welcome, welcome cross of Christ, if Christ is with it.  I am daily chastised so do not have a calm spirit in my calling; yet God has not put out my candel as he does to the wicked. Grace, grace be with you and all yours,
   Yours in the Lord,    S.R.

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