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Rutherford Revised - (12)

12. For Marion M'Naught from Anwoth 21 Jul 1630

Well beloved and dear sister, - My love in the Lord Jesus remembered. I understand you continue to be visited by the Lord with business from your enemies which s God's doing. For there is no deliverance until He take his Children out of the fire; but after God's highest and fullest tide of the sea of troubles has gone over the souls of His children, then comes the gracious long hoped for ebbing and drying up of the waters. Dear sister, do not fail; the wicked may hold the bitter cup to your lips, but God mixes it and there is no poison in it,  They beat, but God moves the rod; Shimei cursed, but it is because the Lord told him to. I tell you, and I have it from Him before whom I stand for God's people, that there is a command given out, in the great court of the highest heavens,, that your present troubles will be dispersed like the morning mist, and God will bring out your righteousness, as the light of the noon day sun. Let me beg you, in Christ's name, the keep good conscience in that business, and beware of yourself: yourself is a more dangerous enemy than me, or any outside you. Innocence and an upright cause is a good pleader before God., and shall speak for you and win your case. Esteem highly your Master's approval and His smile. He is now like the king that has gone to a far country. God seems to be away from home (if I may say so), yet He sees the bad servants, who say, 'Our Master puts off His coming', and so beat their fellow servants. But patience, my beloved; Christ the King is coming home; the evening is near, and he will ask for accounts from his servants. Make a fair, clear account to Him.So behave that at night you may say, Master I have wronged no-one; look you have what is yours with interest. O! your soul with then think highly of one of God's kisses and hugs, with the witness of a good conscience. The wicked, with many evil thoughts, bitter words, and sinful works in secret, are writing their own accounts, and doing nothing all their life but collecting items against themselves; for God is angry with the wicked every day.And I hope your present events will one day be seen by Him, who knows your just cause; and the bloody tongues, crafty foxes, dyed in the wool hypocrites, shall appear before His majesty, when he will remove the mask from their faces. And O, your soul will be three times happy then, when God finds you covered with only the white robe of the saint's innocence, and the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
   But you have recently been in the King's wine cellar, where you were welcomed by the Lord innkeeper, providing you walk in love. Put on love , and brotherly kindness, and patience; wait for the conversion of your enemies as Christ waited for you, and as dear Jesus stood at your soul's door, with hair wet from the dew, through the long cold night. Be angry, but do not sin. I am persuaded, that holy influence in you, which teaches you all things, is also saying, 'Overcome evil with good'. If that had not spoken to you when you saw the tears of your old pastor, you would not have agreed and forgiven his foolish son who wronged you; but the Master told me to tell you, God's blessing will be on you for it; and from him I say, Grace, grace and everlasting peace be on you . My prayer for you is that your way of life will fit and commend the Gospel of that Lord who has been gracious to you. I heard your husband was also sick, but I ask you for Jesus's sake, welcome every rod of God, for I find no greater sign of a child of God, than to fall down and kiss the feet of an angry God. And when He seems to part you from Him, and loose your hands that grip Him, to look up in faith and say, 'I shall not, I will not, be put away from You. However though Your Majesty move to free Yourself from me, allow me to hold and stick to Yourself'.I pray that your husband may return in peace. Your situation comes from heaven; look up there. for (says Solomon) many seek the face of the ruler, but every man's judgement comes from the Lord. Be glad that it is so, for Christ looks after your ways, and will see that all is right; and I am persuaded myself that He is saying, 'Those servants of mine are wronged; for My blood's sake, Father give them justice.' Do you not think, dear sister, that our High Priest, our Jesus, the Master of requests, presents all our complaints to the great Lord Justice? Yet I believe it, since he is our Advocate, and Daniel calls Him the Spokesman, whose hand presents everything to the Father.
   As to other matters, I will say nothing until the Lord lets us meet. I am reliably informed that many from England, especially good preachers, and silenced preachers of London, have gone to New England; and I know of one educated and holy preacher who has written against the Arminians, who has gone there. Our Blessed Lord Jesus who cannot get opportunity to sleep with His spouse in this land, is going to look for an inn where he will be better entertained. How amazing! This Jesus, after He had travelled from Geneva, by the ministry of worthy Mr Knox, and was laid in His bed, and reformation begun, and the curtains drawn, had not got his dear eyes shut, when irreverent bishops came in, and with the din and noise of ceremonies, holy days and other Roman corruptions, awakened our Beloved. Others came to his bedside, and drew the curtains, and laid hands on His servants, banished, deprived and confined them; and instead of the pulpit they got a stool and a cold fire in Blackness Castle; and the gentry threw the covering off Him, and have made Him a poor naked Christ, robbing his servants of the tithes and church rents. And now there is such a sound of crying sins in the land, in the lack of knowledge of God, mercy and truth; such swearing, immorality and bloodshed; that Christ is putting on His clothes, making him like a badly treated stranger so going to other lands. Ask Him, sister, to lie down again with His beloved.
   Remember my dearest love to John Gordon. I will write when I am strong, and to John Brown, Grissel, Samuel and William; grace to them. As you love Christ, keep Christ's favour, and do not wake Him from sleep before He pleases. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
   Your brother in Christ,    S.R.

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