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Rutherford revised (39)

39.To my Lady Kenmure              From Anwoth  29 Nov 1634

Madam madam, - all dutiful obedience in our Lord remembered. I know that you are now near one of those difficulties in which you have been before. But because your outside comforts are fewer, I pray to him whose you are, to supply what you want another way. For though we cannot get to the bottom of his wise providence, who rules all; yet it is certain this is not only good, which is the Almighty has done, but it is best. He has counted all your steps to heaven; and if your Ladyship was through this water,, then there are fewer steps behind; and is this was the last, I hope your Ladyship has learned by waiting to make your acquaintance with  death, which is tl the Lord, the woman's seed, Jesus, only a bloody heel and not a broken head (Gen 3:15). Christ cannot it be bad to ?his friends, who get far less of death than He did. Therefore, Madam, seeing you do not know if the journey is ended, and you have come to the waters edge, in God's wisdom,  look at all your papers and accounts, and see whether you are ready to receive the kingdom of heaven as a little child, in whom there is little arrogance and much humility. I would not want to discourage your Ladyship, but there is an absolute need that, near eternity, we look before we leap. I am sure your Ladyship thinks about it  often, and that your old Guide will go before you and take your hand. His is love to you will never gets sour, nor wear out of date, like the love of men, which often grows old and grey-haired before themselves. You have so much more reason to love a better life than this one, because this world has been a cold fire to you, with  little heat for the body, and little light, and much smoke to hurt the eyes. But Madam, your Lord would have you think it is only dry breasts, full of wind and empty of food. In this recent trouble that has happened to your Ladyship, you have seen God's love and care, in such a way that I thought our Lord broke off the sharp point of the cross. And made us and your Ladyship see Christ take possession on the earth, from him who is now reigning and triumphing with the hundred and forty four thousand who stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion. I know the sweetest of it is bitter for you; but your Lord will not give you painted crosses. He doesn't not take all the bitterness from the cross, nor does he quite take the sharp edge from it; then it would be of your choosing and not His, which would have as little reason to it as it would have  little profit for us. Only Madam, God now commands you to believe and put down your anchor in the dark night, and climb up the mountain. May he who has called you, establish and confirm you to the end.
   I had wanted to visit your Ladyship, but when I thought more about it, the truth is, I cannot see any benefit my company would give you; and this is the only reason that has changed my plan, I know that many honourable friends and worthy Christians will see your Ladyship, and that the Son of God is with you, to whose  love and mercy, from my soul, I recommend your Ladyship, and remain.
   Your Ladyship's at all dutiful obedience, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R..

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