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Rutherford revised (38)

38   To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth  25 Sep 1634

Mistress, - my dearest love in Christ remembered. I ask you to tell your soul to return to rest, and to glorify your dearest Lord in believing; and know that for the good-will of Him who lives in the bush, the burning church will not be burnt to ashes; but blessing will 'rest on the head of Joseph,
on the pate of him who is prince among his brothers ' (Deu 33:16). And are not the saints separated from their brothers and sold and hated? The archers bitterly attacked himshot at himand harassed him severelyyet his bow remained unmovedhis arms were made agileby the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob. (from there is the Shepherdthe Stone of Israel),  (Gen 49:23,24). The Stone of Israel will not be broken in pieces; it is hammered upon by the children of this world, and we shall live and not die. Our Lord has done all this, to see if we will believe, and not give over; and I am sure you need to keep your work. The eye of Christ has been upon all this busyness; and he pays good attention to who is for Him, and who is against Him. Let us do our part for we want Christ's approval. The Son of God is close to His enemies. If they were not deaf, they might hear the sound of his feet; and he will come suddenly upon His weeping children, and take them on His knee, and lay their head on his breast, and dry their watering eyes. And this date is fast coming. For still the vision awaits its appointed timeit hastens to the endit will not lieIf it seems slowwait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. (Hab 2:3). These questions between us and our opponents, will all be decided in that day, when the Son of God will come, and settle all cases; and it will be seen whether we or they have been for Christ, and who has been arguing for Baal. It is not known what we are now; but when our life will appear in glory, and we will see who laughs the fastest on that day. Therefore we must keep our souls in patience, and go into our room and rest until this trouble is over. We will not weep for long when our Lord shall take us up, on the day that he gathers jewels ' Then those who feared the LORD spoke with one another. The LORD paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the LORD and esteemed his name. (Mal 3:16). I shall never believe otherwise, but that our Lord is heating a fire for the enemies of his church in Scotland. It is true that the bride of Christ has played the prostitute, and she has left her first Husband, and the enemies do not think that they have offended, for we have sinned against the Lord, but they will get their thanks from the devil. The rod will be thrown into the fire, so that we may sing as in our youth. Therefore, my dear friend, lay down your head upon Christ's breast. Do not weep; the Lion of the tribe of Judah will arise. The sun has gone down on the prophets, and our gold is dim, and the Lord feeds his people with bitter waters; yet Christ only stands behind the wall, His heart yearns for Scotland. He waits, as Isaiah says, so He show mercy. If we could go home, and take our brothers with us, weeping facing Zion, asking the way there, he would bring us back from captivity. We may not think that God does not care about his honour, while men trample it under foot; He will clothe Himself with vengeance, like a cloak, and appear against our enemies for our deliverance. We were never deceived, and God will not now begin with you. Keep on fighting with the angel of the covenant, and you will get the blessing. Fight! He is happy to be overcome by wrestling.
   C      Commend you me to Grizel. Train her to learn to know the enemies of the Lord, and to take them as her enemies, and to learn to know the right door into the Son of God, to say, 'My Well-beloved is mine, and I am His.' is a sweet and glorious way of life, that none know except those who are sealed  and marked on the forehead with Christ's mark, and the new name, that Christ writes on His own. Grace, grace and Mercy be with you.   
               Yours  in Christ,  S.R.

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