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The changing world (37) May - July 1975

This spell at Vom was my last pharmacy work for over eight years until 1983 back in London and needing to keep the family fed and housed. I had been qualified eight years by now as a retail locus  and manager in England for three years part and full time then less than three years part and full time hospital pharmacy at Vom. Soon after this I would give up my British registration so avoid the annual fees.
   May 1st David Carling is to tell the state government that our finances are not sufficient and unless they increase grants we will hand them the hospital.
   6th to Jos for Programmed Instruction Committee co-operating with SIM producing TEE texts.
   10th day off from pharmacy devoted to sermon preparation and TEE writing.
   11th On duty and also preaching. Kathleen Gula and daughter eating with us.
   14th Packing drums of our goods to go to Langtang.
   15th To Kabwir. Ate with Brian Bddy. Took Joyce McQuone to Boi.
   16th Kabwir to langtang in Faith and Farm vehicle. Saw our house and returned to Vom by taxis.
   19th Visit from Winnie and Frank Ware veteran missionaries based in Jos now
   17th 25 colleagues to supper and sing song.
   24th Went with Faith and Farm lorry taking our goods to Langtang.
   29th Last day in Pharmacy.
   31st Holiday at the Danish Lutheran place,Dogon Dutse of the road out of Jos to Bauchi.
   June 1st Around 2100 at church.
Jun 2nd We bus enjoyed seeing the steam trains in Jos.
   3rd Took boys to zoo.
   14th Left DgonDutse fr Vom.
   18th Move to Langtang. Unpacked. Supper at Zamko.
   19th Findingthe labourer Yusufu (Joseph) is slow and unreliable. We live on top of the hills new house above the 1910 original one and with a view of tase Rock. Visit from Winnie and Frank Ware, veteran missionaries now based in Jos.
   20th. Started painting the house which has been empty for a while. Rimkat the cook seems a good worker.
   23rd  Cleaned out the wood stove. Painting,unpacking and laid the carpet in the living room.
   24th Finding Langrtang being off the plateau is hotter and spicy. Some prickly heat.
   25thFinished painting. Put drums to collect rainwater from the roof of the old house.
   26th Received a weeks' post which had been 16 days en route.
   28th Visit from John and jane Wibberley from Gindiri.
   29th Boys and Girls Brigades Sunday. Seated with the elders at the front of the church.
   30th Good that with pastor damina who ives at the bottom our hill. He is not happy that I will travel a lot with overnight stays meaning Katy will be on her own.
   July 1st Editing TEE book.
   2nd To Mango Petrol shortage
   3rd Five hours in petrol queue in Jos.  workington TEE book with SIM colleague.
   4th Jos to TCNN Bukuru to pick up furniture. To Foron for TEE with Enid Crane. Then to Kabwir and Langtang. Joyce McQuone staying
   8th To Jos and again petrol queues.
   9th Katy bottling mangoes.
   11th Visited the new head of local government, assistant district officer.
   14th Put up posts endwise for garden.
   16th To Mango, Bukuru and Jos hoping the TEE book had been typeset at SIM but only half done. Spoke on TEE at SIM prayer meeting.
   17th Mango to Jos via Vom.Petrol better supply.
   18th Picked up furniture from TCNN but some fastened on the roof proved insecure and unknown tome fell off. Discover this.Prayed.Returned along our rote and found it.
   19th Bottled 10ib of chizaki cherries.
   21st Dug garden then edited TEE book.
   22nd Three hours queue for petrol in the town. TEE editing.
   24th TEE manuscript finished and sent to Js. Sermon preparation. Gardening.
   27th Preached here on Rev 20-21.
   28th To Kabwir, Pankshin and Boi where I stayed overnight. Stuck in a stream on the way.
   29th Arranged to start Here TEE near Boi. Back to Langtang told of Gowon being deposed when out of the country. Listening for news on the radio.
   30th Murtala to be head of state. New state governors too and surprised a Muslim put in place in Jos.
   31st Told Lantang district church council of plans for TEE.


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