Saturday, December 30, 2017

Honourable honours or discrediting monarchy

I used to respect the idea of royal honours because I respect the monarchy as an institution. But who decides on these honours? Presumably not Her Majesty. If so recent honours which carry her name lead not to foster respect but disrespect for royalty, disrespect by association. Do I respect Rushdie or the Big Yin? Not at all. One is an ungrateful trouble stirring immigrant, the other a foul mouthed supposedly funny man. They do not have my respect . The honours system is not respected when we now have ageing pop stars as knights. Clegg deserves honour for political leadership though I do not like his political party. Star I respect as part of the greatest pop group but that is no knighthood worthiness IMO. Gibb? Who? No. Scrap the honours I say before it brings monarchy into even more disrepute than an adulterous prince and his divorcing siblings.

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