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The changing world (23) Jan - Jul 1972

New year's parade and dancing by locals at Vom. Ivor Thomas, Australian surgeon arrived with wife Rosemary. November allowance received mid February.
   The third evangelist I supervised was Malam Ya'au, a converted Muslim Fulani who also ran the hospital bookshop. Nomadic Fulani did not always migrate. Some stayed on the plateau and brought us daily milk in calabash balanced on the head. Water being short, they used cow's urine to was h the calabashes. Wet season it was very creamy milk. Dry season it was watered down - with water though. Always boiled before use. Drinking water for our use was always filtered. Parliament votes to enter the EEC. Acting chaplain and pastor of hospital church but no ordination yet. Installed in May. So far Tom Owens was the only missionary ordained by our Nigerian church.
   March 1 first rain but drizzly only. Reports of revival at Gindiri. Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria refused to register me saying it was because UK had no reciprocal registration of Nigerian qualifications. That sounds fine except it is irrelevant. If  a Nigerian had my degree from UK he could be registered here. I cannot. It is merely racial/nationalistic. March 18 first good rain. End of March, Miango holiday with Bulmers. Easter Sunday 6:30 hill top sunrise service with SIM. Next to Zamko on holiday.Hot and sticky south of the plateau. Visited Tase rock where SUM started in 1904.  Moved on to Gindiri calling at Kabwir. Meals with fares and Mathers.
   Returning to Vom we moved from the old compound to the house the Balfours had vacated returning home to UK. Bob eventually became a constant obstetrician in Bridgend, one of the few pro=life consultants in UK. Dr John Barringer joined us.
   One reason for high infant mortality was ulvulectomy. If a child had difficulty breathing or swallowing the witch doctor wold scrape out the uvula causing bleeding and often fatal anaemia. A woman brought in such a child . When t died the father was angry for his wife had had this done unknown to him. He agreed to bring charges and to give evidence against the witch doctor whose main defence evidence was the local chief who said ulvulectomy was harmless. Our doctor testifies as to it being lethal. The witch doctor was imprisoned for 18 months.
   April 24 Katy diagnosed as due on October 19. This one, unlike the first, was planned. Leeds win cup final beating Arsenal 1-0. Our new nursing superintendent Danladi Garbs and wife Rhoda to dinner. Passed in Hausa exam by Bessie Barnie. May 28 preached my first Hausa sermon. Inherited two lovebirds. Duke of Windsor died. Revision of Hausa New testament published. Saw Jos beat the national football team 2-1 in Jos. Visited a Fulani wedding.
   Mid June to Kabwir on holiday. Visited Pankshin and then stayed at  Boi, the latter being a very rough bush track crossing rivers too. Next stayed at Foron with Bulmers. Enjoyed a harvest of cisaki cherries, a local delicacy great in pies and jam.
   July 2 presided at Communion for the first time. England drew the series so retained the Ashes. Munich Olympics. Sept 1 May allowance paid. Sept 6 terrorists kill 11 and are killed in Munich. Buried the Garba's still born baby, my first burial. Refereed TCNN 0 Vom 6 and abandoned it as the theology students were poor losers. Preaching regularly and taking Bible studies.
   Our Dr Lang gave a Field Society talk on bird migration. he nets and rings migrants sometimes catching birds that previously entered his net.
   Visitors from England, USA, Nigeria, Sudan, and Switzerland.

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