Saturday, December 30, 2017

I love the Great Satan.

No not the devil. The title is that of the Iranian regime for the USA. Well that evil repressive government knows a lot about the ways of satan but IMO USA does not deserve the title. It is a freedom loving democracy and a source for good in Christian mission. Yes like any country in a fallen world it has its faults but faults are universal. Sin pervades all of life.No. Hatred of America is not because it is particularly bad. In the case of Iran it is because USA is in no way Islamic and it supports Israel. Here in UK, hatred of the USA is very common. Why? Envy I guess. It is wealthier than us and has taken our former top place as a super-power.
   So I am not an Americanophobe. I do not think Trump is a madman nor do I think him wise.I like his anti-establishment slant though. He riles the liberal elite and that is no bad thing.
  What do I personally like and dislike about the USA and its people? I find the country one of the friendliest - together with Ireland. Their service sector is there to serve and help with politeness and respect, aspects more prominent in USA than other cultures including my own. They are generous, love freedom and spread the gospel. Prices - better  value on everything except medicines.
   Dislike. Some are arrogant and think their way the best. A good example of this is their episcopal churches and acceptance of homosexual clergy. They are right and Bible believing churches wrong in their opinion. That may divide worldwide Anglicanism but the US churches do not care.
   Insularity and ignorance of the world. I perceive the average American knows little of the world outside his own country and does not care.
   Now to more trivial matters. Sales tax varying from state to state and never included in the price displayed. That does not help foreigners like me.
   That game of chess with grievous bodily harm called football. No.  It is 'throw the ball forwards' not football. I can never work out where the ball is. Why all the padding? Rugby is the game for real men.
   Similarly baseball is rounders by another name and not a patch on cricket. In cricket any batsman can hit the full toss. It is how the ball behaves after it pitches =bounces that gives the difficulty. And watching baseball. It you blink you may miss the one significant moment of the game, a solitary home run.
   Baseball caps worn backwards. That looks stupid. I particularly hate baseball caps when worn by British cricketers. That is not proper cricket attire.
   Beer. The US has never really recovered from prohibition in its attitudes to alcohol and the strength of its brews. Microbreweries are remedying this but as for the likes of Bud. Put it back in the horse.
   Cheese. Poor availability of variety.
   On a positive note to show I am not a follower of British prejudices. Unlike our media here I did not fall in love with Clinton or Obama and I did not think Dubya an idiot.

   So there you have it. Most of my best friends have been /are Americans and I love you and your country. I have visited six times and hope to return.
   I look forward to American reaction and return shots concerning UK culture and attitudes.

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