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HB George Whitefield 27 Dec 1714

George Whitefield (1714-1770)
Go to bed seasonably, and rise early. Redeem your precious time: pick up the fragments of it, that not one moment of it may be lost. Be much in secret prayer. Converse less with man, and more with God.-- GEORGE WHITEFIELD

Your extremity shall be God's opportunity.- George Whitefield letter 25 July174
We can preach the Gospel of Christ no further than we have experienced the power of it in our own hearts.- George Whitefield journal: 1739

The regard I have always had for you is still great, in not greater than ever; and I trust we shall give this and future ages an example of true Christian love abiding, notwithstanding differences in judgment. - George Whitefireld letter to John Wesley, Whitefield, Works, vol 1, p.438

I always observe inward trials prepare me for, and are certain forerunners of, fresh mercies. -  George Whitefield , journal: DECEMBER 1, 1739

I never feel the power of religion more than when under outward or inward trials. It is that alone which can enable any man to sustain with patience and thankfulness his bodily infirmities. - George Whitefield , journal DECEMBER 18, 1739

Venture daily upon Christ, go out in His strength, and He will enable you to do wonders.-George Whitefield , letter: 26 July 1741

The renewal of our natures is a work of great importance. It is not to be done in a day. We have not only a new house to build up, but an old one to tear down. George Whitefield

Be content with no degree of sanctification. Be always crying out, "Lord, let me know more of myself and of thee." -- George Whitefield ,letter:

Gladly shall I come whenever bodily strength will allow to join my testimony with yours in Olney pulpit, that God is love. As yet I have not recovered from the fatigues of my American expedition. My shattered bark is scarce worth docking any more. But I would fain wear, not rust, out. Oh! my dear Mr. Newton, indeed and indeed I am ashamed that I have done and suffered so little for Him that hath done and suffered so much for ill and hell-deserving me.
George Whitefield (1714-1770), letter to John Newton

Jesus was God and man in one person, that God and man might be happy together again. -- George Whitefield

If I see a man who loves the Lord Jesus in sincerity, I am not very solicitous to what communion he belongs. The Kingdom of God, I think, does not consist in any such thing.-- GEORGE WHITEFIELD

Let a man go to the grammar school of faith and repentance before he goes to the university of election and predestination. -- GEORGE WHITEFIELD

Works? Works? A man get to heaven by works? I would as soon think of climbing to the moon on a rope of sand!-- GEORGE WHITEFIELD

It is an undoubted truth that every doctrine that comes from God, leads to God; and that which doth not tend to promote holiness is not of God. GEORGE WHITEFIELD

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