Sunday, December 31, 2017

Diary w/e 30 Dec 17

Christmas Eve

Chris Roberts excellent, his fourth sermon from Hebrews 1-2. Christ came to share. Excellent illustrations in the message. Chris has so matured as a service leader and preacher. I met Ed Clowney's granddaughter, daughter of Prof Jones and wife of the head of PCA's MTW an Berlin tougher with an other MTW worker from Berlin who was formerly PA tp Rev Courtney in Spain. I also for the first time met our new IPC baby with the theologian name, Edward J Young. Weather very mild. I have mislaid Katy's present. I wrapped two. One is on the tree and the other AWOL.
   Sorted. Present found where Katy had put family ones. Discovered when we were packing for a early star. We plan to be en route to Canterbury by 7:45 am.
   This evening excellent carols at Dean hall. Pictures on Facebook. Paul gave a shorter sermon and to the point evangelistically.

Christmas day

Up 4am. Devotions. Instructed to rouse Debbie at 6 for her stockng. Unfortunately for her I misread the clock and it was some minutes earlier. After the stocking filled and placed by Mother Christmas was emptied I was told to open one present. I had suggested a jumper. Little did the purchaser know this seasonal item was flashy.

   T?o Canterbury, 10 or so miles in one and three quarter hours, Quiet roads. New Life attended, the familly's new charismatic church. More enjoyable than anticipated. Elizabeth's parents there too. Staying here is Kirsty, ex IPC now in Oxford with IFES. Also for lunch came Barbara after she had heard Wellby preach in the cathedral. Presents the turkey lunch. Replete. The Queen, Christian as ever. More presents. Tea. Chat. Evening to Chatham, new home of Elizabeth's parents.

Boxing Day

Enjoyable sunnay morning walk round the beauty of Chartham village. Family over for lunch, a rich venison casserole. After they walked we played Ticket to Ride and as usual I was rubbish but not quite the lowest scorer. Then my day went awry or rather my stomach did and I frustratingly could not eat the food on offer.

27 Dec 17

Surprised to be cheered by a good day at last i the Ashes with a Cook century. River Sour in spate by the Chartham house we left for late Canterbury breakfast' Heavy rain but no snow in Kent. David not happy that breakfast was late. Played Ticket to Ride. Last again despite a change of tactic. David won. Katy second, grandson Zac third. Left 2.15 after lunch. Rain. Busy M25. Diverted onto A30 at my initiative. Home 5.15. 

28 Dec 17

At home. Cooked green thai curry. Planning to visit my ailing friend in California.

29 Dec 17

Thought I would buy pyjamas at M&S. Nowhere to be found, not even near the dressing gowns. With difficulty I found a staff member. He took me to them right by the dressing gowns. Why did I not see them? Because they are ever so stupidly and inaccurately called loungewear. Is this an Americanism? Is this also why the bottoms have no fly? Lounges are for sitting and for drinking drinking not for nightwear! Bring back my English language - and its good Hindustani word. BTW googling I got 'Pyjamas at Your M&S - Browse Our Range Online'
   I am definitely eating less these days. Cheese is in the fridge so long I have been ordered to quarantine it in odour proof plastic container. But now there are Christmas nuts though no Brazils around.
   I have always been averse to resolutions especially seasonal ones but I am going to try to spend more time with the reality of books and less in cyberspace. It all boils down to self control.
   Today I repent of any (alleged but not admitted) triumphalism. Thanks to a superior Aussie side and the weather we are unlikely to win. England have never put two good days together all series. IIRC they have only had two good days. Cold comfort is whitewash unlikely. Small mercy.
   First visit to Nando's - a treat generously offered and received. My reaction mixed. Having no waiter taking orders like you must queue as in a pub serving meals was a surprise. Te menu was interesting and extensive but only chicken. I went for liver and will never order that again. With mango and lime seasoning it was inedible IMO. Katy's chicken breast was fine. But I will not pay to return to this chain.

30 Dec 

To Lidl on the bus before breakfast. The bus seems back on time as per timetable. A civilised time with the bus not crowded and the supermarket quiet. A Nepalese on the till descended from three generations of Gurkhas. Jonathan and family arrived before lunch. Debbie had already left to see in the new year in Camarthen area. My eldest grandchild, Bethany may be taller than me. A photo will l reveal all. I have previously shown I am shorter than sons and son in law. But I am wider than all three. 
   Greenford Green Clinic for leg dressing. District nurses did not know I was coming but dressed the one leg still in compression. They reckon I can request stockings at the next clinic which should be 8th Jan. Pleased to see a grown up missionary kid has facebooked lots of photos including probably the youngest Rachel Little ever seen on f/b.
   Round to Little's for Adrian's birthday and pizza. See photo album.

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