Monday, December 11, 2017

The changing world (27) Apr-Jun 1974

Saw Leeds beat Derby then heard Lloyd-Jones at Hunslet Baptist which was the last time I heard him. Returned there two days later for reformed Ministers' Fellowship. Took Katy to Leeds to hear St John's Passion in German in a dirty parish church. Enjoyed a journey from Pickering on North Yorks Moor Railway. Easter day afternoon walk with family by the Swale to the old railway bridge site. Then to Wilslow to stay with Kay's Uncle Joe and Aunt Lucy and the luxury of their colour TV, the first seen by all the family. A passer by came to the door to tell us we had a toddler siting on the windowsill of an open upstairs window. David not yet two years old.  Katy spoke at Wilmslow URC the family church,  without receiving a donation. Liberals illiberal!
On to caravan holiday on Anglesey. Visited Holyhead and Beaumaris. Leeds win the league. Overnight B&B on a farm near Aberystwith then with Kinnear family in Newport. Spoke to young people at Malpas Road Presbyterian. Newport. Back in Potters Bar we heard our next position will be Limankara covering Bulmer's leave. Barnet Hospital diagnosed Jonathan with slight spasticity of left foot. Spoke at Potters bar FIEC and Harringey Rotary Club. Stayed with Kat'y sister Elizabeth and her husband Rodney in Southend. He is engineer in charge of the Shoeburyness firing ranges but I never got to see a tank. I worshipped with Prittlewell Strict Baptists. Children enjoyed beach and pier. Back to Potters bar spoke at South Hatfield Evangelical. I had hopes of driving back across the desert but the mission was not in favour. Spoke Potters bar Methodists. Family visit to Birdland at Bourton on the Water.
   Preached at Welwyn. At York for mission day conference. Anxiety about packing for our return. Visited katy's cousin Hazel in Golcar. Went to stay with the Scotts near Kilmarnoc overnight before holiday on Arran. First Free Church experience at Whiting Bay we found strange, sitting to sing unaccompanied psalms and standing to pray. David to doctor with earache. saw red deer.
   Back to Skipton the Potters Bar. Cholera vaccinations now required. Preached Ealing and Potters Bar. Back to Skipton for sale of Mini and next day to Potters bar and the day after, Sabina to Kano via Brussels. Overnight Central Hotel then flew to Jos and driven to Vom where we were accommodated in the Private wards before moving to our house. Ian Rathbone, Australian pharmacist had covered my leave and I did not find the pharmacy in very good order.
   As well as finding things forgotten or remembered wrongly I marvel at how things that seemed very bog and significant when recorded have faded from memory and therefore significance, My diary describes the pharmacy as chaotic on my return from leave but all had been forgotten and my Aussie replacement remembered with affection.
    June 27 Elizabeth born to Kathleen and Daniel Gula. She had previously lost a baby.

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