Sunday, December 31, 2017

That was 2017 that was .

Seeing out the old year I read a profound tweet. 'Think how stupid the average person is and remember half the people are even more stupid.' Then Corbyn came on the news. That, for me summed up national politics in 2017 I put no trust in princes. Present politics is to me a choice between the lesser of several failures.
In August I riled most readers of the local Ealing Forum with this. I retract not one word.

Remoaners are such bad losers, so unbritish one might say. Talking to a Norwegian friend I learned that their vote to keep ou of the EU was won by a narrow margin but they had no Cablelike chorus of 'Let's have another vote'. My contribution to mock the remoaning is my BIOB game.  Blame It On Brevit. What unseasonable weather for a bank holiday weekend. BIOB! Arsenal were rubbish against Liverpool. BIOB. Leeds have their best start to a season for many years. BIOB. Our church has taken 27 years to get its rebuild programme going. BIOB. The doctors are uncertain as to why I had heart failure BIOB. All that rain in Texas. BIOB. Trump has had a total eclipse of sanity. BIOB. The North Korean missiles failed. BIOB. Play up, play up and play the BIOB game. And BTW I am old and wise enough to remember an independent UK before the lies of traitor Heath.

But an even greater irritation to me is the present consensus in the media on matters green - and I do not mean Ireland though this was my comment about one eco-warrior interviewed on Radio Ulster. '
IMO that woman should have been challenged on her ecogreenery. Saying water levels were rising because she came by car. What rot. If she sincerely thinks that, she should stay at home, walk everywhere, cycle or go public transport.'

Lest you think I am merely a grumpy old man I conclude with thanks for a blessed 2017 
personally. Four major health problems but I am smiling not depressed as to church and personal life. With Adoniram Judson I believe 'The future is as bright as the promises of God'. Maranatha! Even so come Lord Jesus.

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