Wednesday, August 02, 2017

World changers

Being on Jenner ward led me to ponder who or what had changed the world. Jenner’s work led to the eradication of smallpox. Here are some other world changers. Feel free to add to my list.

Birth of Jesus - changed the calendar and the world
Death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus - salvation accomplished
Pentecost - salvation to all nations
Paul argues that Christians do not have to be like Jews keeping Mosaic law
313 Edict of Milan Constantine makes Christianity the legal religion
476 Fall of Rome
610 Mohammed believes he hears from God via Gabriel
622 Hijira and start of jihad.
732 Charles Martel stops the advance of Islam in Europe at Tours
1368 End of Mongol empire
1453 Fall of Constantinople
1517 Luther’s 95 theses
1571 Battle of Lepanto - Ottoman navy defeated
1683 Siege of Vienna - Ottoman advance stopped
1759 Watt’s steam engine
1789 French revolution
1796 Jenner vaccinates against smallpox
1815 Waterloo ends French empire
1825 Stockton and darlington - first steam railway
1847 Simpson uses chloroform anaesthesia
1859 Lenoir - first internal combustion engine
1862 Pasteur patents his process to kill bacteria
1865 Lister introduces antisepsis
1896 Marconi first radio transmission
1903 Wright brothers first flight
1907 Ehrich produces arsphenamine the first synthetic drug
1914 WWI
1925 Baird and also Jenkins demonstrate television transmission
1941 Penicillin used commercially from work by Florey and Chain.
1941 Pearl Harbour attacked so USA enters WW2 and victory is assured
1946 Atomic bombs dropped
1989 Berners-Lee world wide web
1989 Fall of Soviet empire
2001 9/11

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