Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hospital diary 7 Aug 17

I had not been sleeping through the night before I was admitted here. But now it is pain from my leg ulcers which wakes me and analgesics bring no relief. I find it best to get out of bed and sit with Bible or at computer That helps get one's mind off the pain. .

In my youth I enjoyed the common hobby of trainspotting. I had many happy days at Thirsk Station. I still have my book of engine numbers from the era of steam. Now from this hospital bed I can see two branches of the Metropolitan Line near where they cross the Euston main line to the north west. Many more frequent trains than Thirsk.

Tissue viability nurse has applied the compression bandaging and it feels better already.

Cardiology registrar wants me lying flat for an hour to see if I breathe normally. If I do I hope for angiogram tomorrow. He tells me my present heart function is all of 27% of what it should be.

I laid down flat with only a thin pillow under my head and in one hour I was not breathless. So I hope this qualifies me for the angiogram ASAP. And we won the Test!

After several nights disturbed by pain in my legs I look forward to a good sleep now that compression bandaging has given a more or less pain free day.

Disappointed to hear from nurse that I am not on the list for angiogram tomorrow.

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