Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hospital diary 11 Aug 17

I am hoping for reason to have as sunny a disposition as the weather outside.
I had complaints that yesterday's selfie was too glum. So here is one I made earlier - some years ago.

I am on the list for angiogram, time unspecified. I suppose I should be good and skip lunch. I am naturally slow to fast unless for faith reasons.
I am told I am last on the list for cardiac catheterisation. Could be 7 pm or later. My hopes are not raised. He who expects nothing will not be dissapointed. So neither lunch nor dinner for me. Sacrificing them for a good heart report will be fine.
Doctor has been in to say my INR is fine. I will be treated today. My scepticism level is reduced.
I hope I have now had my last IV furosemide. I call it stand and deliver medicine -- unless you are female when it is sit and ...
Going NOW for angiogram and perhaps angioplasty.
Two and a quarter hours after doctors said I was due to be taken for angiogram I am informed it has been cancelled again. I am not angry. I am livid, incandescent. I await the medics appearance with explanation of this fiasco. GRRRRR.

Still waiting for explanation and apology. I was told procedure was happening. Two nurses came to ask questions. I was given pre-med tablets and all for nothing.
The consultant says that the INR needs to be lower still in case the arm artery is not accessible and they use the groin. So now. MONDAY morning. Why he could not try the arm now is beyond me. But he is the almighty consultant whose word cannot be questioned. So I have to conclude he is my grace grower used to my sanctification. This also means a new canula for continued IV diuretic, something I have so far avoided.

Presents received from California. One NASA t-shirt now on, one bottle opener bullet and some chocolate ginger. Dennis, is this a cannon shell? It is BIG. Katy smuggled in a pint of Bishop's Finger so your opener was put to good use. Deb showed us lots of holiday pics.

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