Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hospital Diary 15 Aug 17


I have paced this ward as over 100 yards long. I walked up and down briskly with no shortness of breath so will tell the doctors I want to go home.

 feeling optimistic.

The best of news. Consultants meet later. I may be home this afternoon. If so let the pharmacy remove their digit. St Marks took nearly three hours for discharge meds and then it was wrong. Hospital pharmacy, the perfect illustration of the ills of monopoly. In the community my dispensing speed was less than five minutes per item. On a busy day I did an item a minute

thinking about going home.

Good chat with Senior House Officer, Dr Sethi a man of the Punjab and Southall. He explained the causation of heart failure is multifactorial. The one factor now ruled out is narrowing of the arteries. I should be home today or tomorrow and have to watch my weight keeping off the 25lb lost so far. As that was fluid I have to watch fluid intake and expulsion. It would seem I have an excuse for whisky and not beer. I have promised to exercise more when the leg ulcers are sorted. That matter s being referred to district nurses. I am also hoping to be off warfarin after eight and a half years and start newer anticoagulant. I will though be on furosemide or bumetanide so no early morning public transport for me. All in all I am a happy bunny and a thankful one despite having a heart only doing 27% of optimal performance. Now I can take the grandchildren to the awful MacDs and Katy to Lisa's, the best eatery in Ealing to celebrate our recent wedding anniversary. PTL. Amen and Amen. Deb and I will also get to see the new house ASAP.

Consultant talked.  
I am being discharged, awaiting only the drugs. Waiting for the pharmacy to produce my drugs for home. Patience needed.Short supply.

The only drug awaited from the pharmacy is the new anticoagulant. Is some clot holding it up?

Rachel brought me home. Me and five females tonight. Katy, Deb, Bethany, Hannah and Elissa.
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