Friday, August 11, 2017

Pakistani gangs and teenage white girls

I have been abused as a bigot for identifying this recurrent phenomenon but thanks to Cranmer I have some quotes.

“Pakistanis, let’s be clear, are not the only people who commit sexual offences, and overwhelmingly the sex offenders’ wings of prisons are full of white sex offenders. But there is a specific problem which involves Pakistani heritage men… who target vulnerable young white girls.“We need to get the Pakistani community to think much more clearly about why this is going on and to be more open about the problems that are leading to a number of Pakistani heritage men thinking it is OK to target white girls in this way. These young men are in a western society, in any event, they act like any other young men, they’re fizzing and popping with testosterone, they want some outlet for that, but Pakistani heritage girls are off-limits and they are expected to marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan, typically. So they then seek other avenues and they see these young women, white girls who are vulnerable, some of them in care… who they think are easy meat.”- Jack Straw 2011

Cfanmer writes, 'No one seeks to blame “entire communities”, but it is profoundly unwise and dangerous to pretend that child abuse gangs are not a problem for a particular community.'.

'The Home Secretary Amber Rudd says: “I want to be absolutely clear that political and cultural sensitivities must never be allowed to get in the way of preventing and uncovering it.” The ‘it’ here is “sexual predators preying on young women and girls”. And yet we can’t talk about ‘Asian’ (let alone ‘Pakistani’) for fear of compounding the profound suffering that victims of these crimes have endured by casting blame on entire communities. And we certainly can’t talk about schools of Islamic misogyny or certain Muslim attitudes toward the ‘white trash’ kuffar, for that would be ‘Islamophobic’.'

'Of the 56 child abuse gang members in Rotherham, 53 were Asian and 50 Muslim. The same significant proportions of Asian Muslim men may be seen in the child abuse gangs of Oxford, Rochdale, Bristol, Aylesbury, Peterborough… with claims that such behaviour is “promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be ‘punished’“. People who have tried to warn about this are branded racists or bigots. Muslims who try to expose it within their community receive death threats:
“I was one of the first within the Muslim community to speak out about this, four years ago,” says Shafiq, “and at the time I received death threats from some black and Asian people. But what I said has been proved right — that if we didn’t tackle it there would be more of these abusers and more girls getting harmed.”
You don’t tarnish an entire community by talking about the fact that a specific community has a particular problem. And you don’t help the victims (of today or tomorrow) by deflecting with quranic tuition in how children were precious to Mohammed and that he’d cuddle them if they cried, and that’s what we must focus on for the sake of community cohesion.'

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