Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hospital diary 12 Aug 7

Trainspotting yesterday from 2 p.m.
Main line has three tracks each way plus two tube lines I think. I failed to distinguish up trains from down but in 20 minutes, 8 suburban, 10 tubes, 5 express and one goods. Takes me back to Thirsk station and steam which did not have so much traffic.

I am disgusted with the chaplaincy here. Sundays two afternoon RC masses. Thursday one Anglican service with no publicity. I contacted the local C of E bishop who has given me a name to contact. This afternoon I may have a RC priest to visit ... and evangelise. So RC doing better than C of E who may be better than a free church nothing. Perhaps I cod call for an imam and talk the gospel to
Had Deb and Katy visit. Played a game but not at my best due to tiredness and a little pain in my left leg. Premiership so far showed how bookies make a living. So far three correct results predicted and one correct score among them. Burnley and Huddersfield fans, I am pleased for your going against the odds. I was expecting a priestly visit but no RC priest so far.

I bought Dylan's Shot of Love on CD. Deb kindly copied it to a memory stick so I am enjoying the Christian Bob on my MacAir.

Encouraged by Paul's pastoral visit. I think he has a gift for it as well as preaching, training new people in ministry, hospitality and evangelism. We are blessed to have him.

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