Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rutherford Revised (221)

221. For Marion M'Naught      From Aberdeen July 8 1637

(See 41 earlier letters to her.)

Worthy and dearest in the Lord, - I rejoice that you take part in the sufferings of Christ. Do not faint, keep breathing, believe; though men and husband and friends prove weak, yet your strength does nor fail. It is not pride for a drownng man to grip the rock. It is your glory to hold onto your Rock. O woman greatly beloved! I testify and affirm in my Lord, that the prayers that you have for many past years sent to heaven, have come up before the Lord and will not be forgotten. I cannot tell what is to happen; but I know that as the Lord lives these cries will bring down mercy. I encourage you and those people with you to go on without fainting or fear, and still believe and take no denial. If you give up the battle will be lost, if you continue our enemies will be a tottering wall. and a bowing fence. I write it (and keep this letter), utter, utter desertion will be to your enemies, and to the haters of the Virgin daughter of Scotland. The bride will yet sing as in the days of her youth. Salvation will be her walls and strongholds. The dry olive tree will again bud, and dry bones will live.; for the Lord will prophecy to the dry bones, and the Spirit will come on them, and we will live,
   I rejoice to hear of John Carson! I will not forget him. Remember me to Grizel and Jean Brown.Your husband had depressed me,; but be courageous in the Lord. I send blessings to Samuel and William. Show them I want them to seek God in their youth.
   Grace is your.
     Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.\.R.

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