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Rutherford Revised (205)

205. To the Right Honourable my Lady Viscountess of Kenmure     From Aberdeen 1637

(See letters  4,5,7,11,19-21,23,27,28,30,31,35,37,39,40,42,56,58,61,69,70,93-96,104 and 106.
There are eight letters to her Ladyship from Aberdeen before this one so I wonder if this is out of order as it seems he has recently arrived in Aberdeen.)

My very noble and dear Lady, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you. The Lord has brought me safely to Aberdeen; I have fond lodging in the hearts of all with whom I meet. There is no face that has not smiled on me; only the inhabitants of this town are dry, cold and unfriendly. They consist of Papists and men of Gallio's sort, not firm in any religion; and it is not thought wise here to approve of a confined and silenced prisoner. But the shame of Christ's cross will not be my shame. Queensberry's attempt seems to sleep because the Bishop of Galloway was pleased to tell the treasurer that I had committed treason; saying which blunted the treasurer's borrowed zeal. So I think God who will not have me to anchor my soul on false ground or flesh and blood; it is better to be fastened within the veil.
   I did find my old challenges reviving again, and my love often jealous of Christ's love, when I look upon my own guiltiness. And truly I think that the world has too soft an opinion of the gate to heaven, and that many will get a blind and sad deception instead of heaven. For there is more to do than a cold and frozen, 'Lord,Lord.' It must be a way narrower and more difficult than we conceive; for 'the righteous will barely be saved'.' It would be good to take a more sensible view of Christianity; for I have been doubting if I ever knew more of Christianity than the letters of the name. 
   I will not lie about my Lord. I often find much joy and unspeakable comfort in His sweet presence who sent me here; and I trust that this house of pilgrimage will be my palace, my garden of delights, and that Christ will be kind to poor old Joseph who is separated from his brothers. I would sometimes be too hot and too joyful if the heart break of remembering sin and fair, fair feast days with King Jesus dis not cool me and sour my sweet joys. Oh, how sweet is the love of Christ! And how wise is that one! But let faith postpone and trust a while; sons have no reason to take offence that the father does not give them wages twice a year as he does his hired servants. Better for God's heirs to live on hope than on wages.
   Madam, your ladyship knows what Christ has done to have all your love; and he does not permit you to give that dear child the love which belongs to himself. Keep close to Christ in your love. I truly think that Christ has said, ' I must have Jean Campbell for myself;' and he has put many oars in the water to fish and hunt homewards to heaven. Let Him have His prey, He will think you well won when he has got you. It is good to often have access and the door open to our stronghold. For the sword of the Lord, the sword of the Lord is for Scotland! And yet two or three berries will be left in top of the olive tree.
   If a word can do my brother good in his distress, I know your Ladyship will be ready and willing to speak it and more also. Now the only wise God, and your only, only One , He who lived in the Bush, be with you. I write many kisses and blessings in Christ to your dear child: the blessings of his father's God, the blessings due to the fatherless and widow be yours and his. 
   Your Ladyship's, in his only, only Lord Jesus,  S.R.
   Madam, be pleased at a suitable time enquire of my Lord of Lorn if he would be pleased if I dedicate anther work against the Arminians in his honourable name. Nor though I would compare no patron with his Lordship, and though I am well acquainted with his love, it is possible may think it not expedient at this time. But I expect your Ladyship's answer and I hope tour Ladyship will be forthright.

(We do not have an answer to this and no such book was published)

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