Monday, July 15, 2019

Rutherford Revised (209)

209. To Mr. John Nevay    From  Aberdeen 5 July 1637

(See letter 179)

My reverend and dear brother, - Grace , mercy and peace be to you. I have a great number to whom I write or else I would be kinder in writing. 
   I rejoice that my sweet Master has any supporters. May my royal King's court be crowded! I would be joyful to have His house full of guests.
   Apart from the fact hat I have some cloudy days, most of the time I have a king's life with Christ. He is all perfumed with the trader's powders; He looks and smells like a king. He carries His poor prisoner in a chariot made of wood from Lebanon; it is coated with love. Is it not soft ground on which to tread or lie? I think better of Christ than ever I did; my thoughts of His love grow and swell in me. I never write to anyone about Him telling as much as I feel. Oh, if I could write a book about Christ and His love!. Suppose I was burned into white ashes for the same truth than me think is only knots of straw, it would be my gain if my ashes could proclaim the worth, excellency and love of my Lord Jesus. There is much to measure in Christ; I give up weighing Him; heaven would not be a sufficient beam for a balance to weigh Him. I do not care who sees me, or what is said about me: let  me appear like a fool on a stage and act a fool's part to the rest of the nation. It I can set my Well-beloved on high and have a good witness for Him, I do not care about their praises. If I can roll myself in a fold of Christ's clothing I shall lie there and laugh at the thoughts of dying bits of clay.
   Brother, we have reason to weep about our prostitute mother; her Husband is sending her to Rome's brothel, which is the door she well likes. But I persuade you there will yet come good growth for Christ in Scotland, and that this church will again sing the Bridegroom's welcome home to His own house. The worms will eat them first before they cause Christ to say goodbye to Scotland. I am here assaulted with the Aberdeen academic' arguments, , but I bless the Father of lights that they do not make truth bleed. I do not find a home in the hearts of natural men who are cold friends to my Master.
   I pray you to remember my love to that gentleman, A.C. My heart is joined to him because we have one Master. Remember my imprisonment and present my service to my Lord, the Earl of Loudon and his Lady. I wish that Christ be dearer to them than He is to many in their situation.   Grace be with you.
      Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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