Saturday, July 27, 2019

Diary w/e Jul 27 th

Sun 21st Jul

I got to sleep a happy man after 2am in Ealing Hospital's Medical Emergency Unit. The procedure to stop bleeding in the right kidney seemed to have worked and as bleeding in the kidney stopped, so did the acute abdominal pain. The only problem was little sleep as BP etc was monitored every 15 minutes. In the afternoon I was told of an ambulance to take me
 to Northwick Park. It came after 10pm. Loading two more patient took until after 11pm then an hour's drive to Harrow and in a new ward at 2AM. Lot of pain on my right side X-ray and CT scans. Nil by mouth until theatre at 6pm for a hour long procedure. It lasted 5 1/2 hours very painful across my back at kidney level after I was moved on to the operating table. I was in to much pain to keep still for local anaesthetic. The anaesthetist said I was not fit enough for general anaesthesia or opiates He wanted consent to resuscitate and put me on a ventilator. With no procedure the prognosis was aslow bleed to death. I consented. The op was angioplasty via the groin and embolisation to the breeding kidney. It took a hour and the bleed stopped. Immediate reduction of pain.

Mon 22nd

I was on  BP etc observation every 15 minute so no real sleep. I was on complete bed rest so no relief of pressure point pain. I could eat but no appetite so food returned uneaten. Before family visitors went home, 9pm. pain started in chest. It moved up to my left shoulder and was agony. Eventually I was given oxycodone liquid every two hours and the agony abated. Doctors said it was infection and/or more internal bleeding. I was then moved from Evelyn Ward to a higher level staffing in Sheridan ward. . Without warning I vomited. Awful mess. The new ward is for observation. I was totally frustrated by monitors forever bleeping.Was it for me or someone else? What was its cause?Sleep apnoea, ECG or something else? Kept me awake with three ultrasounds on my badder. The catheter shows minimal urine,  But I am very sweaty.

Tu 23rd

Nurses let me sit on chair after they cleaned up all the blood on bed and clothes after I involuntarily pulled out a cannula in my sleep. Consultant and visitors say I  look better. Next bed geriatric with dementia discharged. Five elders visited. One phoned. Seven relatives visited.

Wed 24 Jul

Sweaty night tangled up in wires. Urology referring me to renology and hopeful of discharge in two days. I think the consultant is an optimist. I am to be seen by physiotherapy and OT too. Physio has had me walking with a zimmer. I am to be moved a quieter ward. Family from Cambridge and church friends visited.

Th 25 Jul
Woken at 4am by noisy patent. Found why the fan is not cooling.Visits from Katy, Rachel, Elissa, Derek Little, Kefas Ta'angan. Urologist sat my bloods good. Physiotherapist helpful. I am eating a little more. Shortly before 11pm told I was to be moved to a different ward. Should have been to second day of Test against Ireland at Lords. Lofty had my ticket but too hot to use it!

Fr 26 Jul
At 1am moved to Gray Ward. Much quieter. No buzzing, clicking, ringing monitors but neither are there fans nor air mattresses. Awake 3:30 bathed in sweat and I asked to sit in bedside chair.One blessing -the internet has resumed connection. Pain only really at site of catheter. Urology doctors say I have a chest infection plus a bleed into the kidneys The latter has knocked out one kidney and damaged the other. I wait he renal team's assessment later today. My brother visited by train from Harrogate. Ultrasound scan was agony with any movement with the catheter too painful. But I was told it flows good. Home early next week? Encouraged by evening visit from grandson Ethan and his dad, my favourite son in law.

Sat 27 Jul

Good in the morning until one of my physio exercises started the pain where my catheter emerges. Rest and oxycodone settled it and I managed quite a walk with the zimmer supervised ny a physio. Improvement seems slow but sure. I am due to go the the urology ward when a bed is available. More transfers than a football player! Maybe home early next week? This is my 9th day in hospital as now my 6th ward. This is the best so far, Dowland, urology department. two bed side ward and I am on my own and a fan provided.. Surprise visit from grandson Ethan and his mum. Also David Jones, MTW worker with our church.

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