Friday, July 05, 2019

Rutherford Revised (193)

193. To Sibylla Macadam             From Aberdeen 1637

(Wife of James Macadam, letter 141)

Mistress, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I can testify in my imprisonment that Christ is still the longer the better; and no worse, yes, inconceivably better than He is (or can be) called. I think it is half a heaven to have my fill of the smell of His sweet breath, and to sleep in the arms of Christ my Lord, with His left hand under my head, and His right hand hugging me. There is no great comparison to be made with the withering of my flower in comparison with the foul and many wrongs done to Christ. No, let the dew of God never rest upon my branches again, let the blossom fall from my joy, and let it wither, let the Almighty blow out my candle, if the Lord might be great again among Jews and Gentiles, and His oppressed church delivered. Let Christ do well though I eat ashes. I know He must Be sweet Himself when His cross is so sweet. And it is the part for us all, if we marry Himself, to marry the crosses, losses and the rebukes that follow Him. For mercy follows Christ's cross. His prison is beautiful made of marble and ivory; His chains put on His prisoners are golden chains; and the sighs of the prisoners of hope are perfumed with comforts, the like of which cannot be bred or found on this side of sun and moon. Follow on after His love; do not be tired of Christ but come in and see His beauty and excellency and feed your soul on Christ's sweetness. This world is not yours, neither would I have your heaven made of such materials as mud and clay. You have the choice and pick of all lovers, in and out of heaven, when you have Christ, the only delight of God His Father. Climb up the mountain with joy and do not faint; for time will cut off the men who pursue Christ's followers. Our best things here have a worm in them; our joys, beside God, on the inside are only woes and sorrows. Christ, Christ is that wich our love and desires can sleep sweetly and rest safely upon. 
   Now, the very God of peace establish you in Christ. Help a prisoner with your prayers, and ask that our Lord would be pleased to visit me with a sight of His beauty in His house, as He has sometimes done. Grace be with you.
   Yours, in his sweet Jesus,  S.R.

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