Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rutherford Revised (219)

219. To John Row    From Aberdeen July 8 1637 

(John Row (1568-1646), minister of Carnock from 1592. The son of a reformer colleague of Knox. Opposed the Articles of Perth and Prelacy. Wrote a history of the Church of Scotland.)

Reverend and dear brother, - I received your. I bless His high and great name, that I like my sweet master the longer the better; a sight of His cross is more awesome than the weight of it. I think the worst things of Christ, even His reproaches and His cross (when I do not look on these with blurred eyes), far rather to be chosen, that the laughter and worm eaten joys of my enemies. Oh that they were as I am except for my imprisonment! My witness is above, that my ministry next to Christ, is dearer to me the anything; but I lay it down at Christ's feet for His glory and his honour as supreme Lawgiver, which is dearer to me. 
   My dear brother, it you will receive the witness of a poor prisoner of Christ, who dare not now conceal, I certainly believe and expect thanks from the Prince of the kings of the earth, for my poor efforts (such as they are) for His honourable cause, who I can never praise enough for His running over love to my sad soul since I came here. Oh that I could get Him set on high and praised! I seek no more as the top and bottom of my desires, that Christ may make glory to himself and building up to the weaker (Phil 1:14) out of my sufferings. I want youth help me both to pray and praise. 
   Grace be with you.
      Yours, in his sweet lord Jesus,  S.R.

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