Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rutherford Revised (220)

220.  To my Lord Craighall    From Aberdeen July 8 1637

(See letters 86, 174)

My Lord, - I am persuaded that despite the greatness of this temptation, you will not let Christ lack a witness from you to confess Him before this evil generation. And if you side with God's truth (the perfect witness of  which forbids all human additions to His worship), and with the truly educated, and with all the sanctified in this land, and with that warner within you (which in God's time will not fail to speak against you, if you are not nor fast and fixed for Christ), I hope your Lordship will show yourself a man of courage for Christ, and refuse to bow your knee spurstitiously or idolatry to wood or stone or any creature whatsoever. I am persuaded that when you say goodnight to this world, you will think I now write God's truth.
   Some think that your Lordship has bound yourself to his Majesty, by promising to satisfy his desires. If it is so, my dear and worthy Lord, hear me for your soul's good. Think about swimming ashore after this shipwreck, and be pleased to write your humble apology to his Majesty; it may be that God will give you favour in his eye. However it be, let it be far from you tnink a promise made out of weakness and drawn out by the terror of a king, should bind you to wrong your Lord Jesus. But for myself, I do not believe that report, but I believe you will stick fast to Christ. I recommend you to his grace.
   Your Lordship's, at all obedience in Christ,   S.R. 

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