Sunday, July 21, 2019

Diary w/e Jul 20th

Sun 14 Jul

Excellent Joint Sunday Schools. We now have five classes for children and one for adults. Paul Levy excellent of Mat 18, becoming like a little child. Five guests to lunch including one of the original IPC members we had not seen for 49 years. We had a Korean American guest and a couple with child who are from Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. I had eight men for my exposition of Ps 84 at Harmondsworth, men from Algeria, Ghana and Nigeria.

Tues 16 Jul

Six of us at early morning IPC prayers. Led U3A World religions meeting in life after death so was able to witness to my sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the dead because Christ is risen.

Wed 17 Jul

Our U3A history group continued on the history of Spain in the era of Napoleon and Wellington. At IPC in the evening Paul Levy spoke on From Faith not Fear - raising covenant children.

Thu 18 Jul

I waited over half an hour. Two buses were missed from the schedule so I ver got to Ealing Lunchtime Talks.

THURSDAY 4:30 pm incapacitating abdominal pain.9pm arrived at hospital by ambulance. Friday 2am bed in Medical Emergency ward. Pain not relieved by morphine IV but lessened by hyoscine. Initial diagnosis, kidney infection - pyelonephrits.

Fri 19th

Pain all day in Ealing hospital. CT scan reveals a bleeding kidney.  Friday told I am to be transferred to urology at Northwick Park for sugary on kidney. Ambulance came after 10pm. Arrive midnight. Bed in ward 2pm. Nil by youth for second day.

Sat 20th
My trouble is from a kidney cyst bursting and bleeding. No treatment but complete bed rest. I an not allowed even to sit in a chair. The good news is I can eat and drink. So it is wait and see and pray. Then in afternoon I was put on nil by mouth. Consultant radiologist did haemoglobin going down. 6pm to operating theatre for an hour long procure. It did not progress well.The ward nurse has sent a note and when asked for them twice went to the wrong theatre. When transferred to the operating table my back was very bad. They could not get a vein for Fenatanyl. I was merely on paracetamol. Conference with consultant anaesthetist who said I was not fit enough for general, only local. And I was not for enough for high dose opiates. My choice was to lock. Stronger drugs and I could die.No operation and I would die slowly of internal bleeding. I agreed to go ahead granting permission to resuscitate and a ventilator if need.I was given oral morphine. An angioplasty through the groin did not reveal a bleeding cyst but bleeding into the kidney which was a side effect of the anticoagulant that i was taking. The bleeding was stopped. After 5 and a half hours with pain already somewhat abated. I am thankful to be alive.

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