Monday, July 29, 2019

Rutherford Revised (217)

217.  To Alexander Gordon of Garloch   From Aberdeen  1637

(Brother of Robert Gordon of Knockbreck, see letters 65, 66, 76, 92 and 170. Landwner in Galloway. Had two covenanter grandsons executed fr their part in the 1666 Pentland uprising.)

Dear brother, - Grace , mercy and peace be to you. If Christ as as I am, if time could work on him to alter Him, or that tomorrow could bring a new day to Him, or bring a new mind to Him, as it is a new day to me, then I could not keep a house or a covenant with Him. But I find Christ to be Christ, and that he is far, far, even infinite heavens height above men; and that is all our happiness. Sinners can only make wounds that Christ can heal; and make debts that He can pay them; and make falls the He may raise them; and make deaths that He may bring them to life; and spin out and dig hells for themselves that he may ransom them. Now I will bless the Lord that there was ever such a thing as the free grace of God, and a free ransom given for sold souls: only alas, guiltiness makes me ashamed to apply to Christ, and to think it pride for me to put out my unclean and withered hand to such a Saviour. But it is neither shame nor pride for a drowning man to swim to a rock, not for a shipwrecked soul to run himself ashore on Christ. Suppose for once I were guilty, I dare not pass by Christ. We accept the pride that beggars beg from the rich; and who is as poor as us or as rich as He who sells fine gold (Rev 3:!8)? I see then, it is best (no matter what guiltiness says) that we have no resource under heaven, except to creep lowly and submissively to Christ with our wants. I also have reason to give His cross a good name and reputation. Oh, how worthy is Christ of my useless and light suffering! And how at my hands He has deserved that for His honour and glory, I should put my back under seven hells' pains in one, if He calls me to that! But alas, my soul is like a ship run aground through shallowness of water. I am driven on the sands and my love is stranded and I do not know how to float it again. It is so cold and dead that I do not see how to bring it to flame. Fy, fy on the meeting my love has given Christ!. Wo, wo is me! I have a lover, Christ, and yet I lack love for Him! I have a lovely and desirable Lord, who is worth love, and who begs for my love and heart, and I have nothing to give Him! Dear brother, advance in Christ, and see a new treasure in Him. Come in and look down, and see angels wonder, and heaven and earth's wonder of love, sweetness, majesty and excellence in Him. 
   I do not forget you; pray for me, that out Lord would be pleased tossed me among you again, free and full of Christ.
   Grace, grace be with you.
     Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

; only alas, my guiltiness makes me ashamed to apply to Christ, and to think myself proud to putout my unclean and withered hand to such a Saviour. Butitis neither shame nor pride for a downing man t swim to a rose, nor for a shipwrecked soul to tun himself ashore on Christ. Suppose for once that I was guilty, I dare not pass by Christ. We take in god prtthat pride, namely that beggars beg from the rich ; and whois a spoor as uu? And who is as rich as he who sells fine gold (Rev 3:18)? I see then t is for our best (let guiltiness say what it wills)

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