Saturday, July 06, 2019

Diary w/e Jul 6th

Sun 30th Jun

Chris Roberts on reading books at adult Sunday School. Paul Levy preached Mat 17 at the baptism of Kit Roberts. Overjoyed by the surprise visit to IPC of H on holiday from Baghdad.At Harmondsworth numbers of detainees are down and no-one came for the service tonight.

Mon 1 Jul

Quick elders business meeting tonight. Perhaps because three elders were away.


Six members came for U3A current affairs on Iran. Very encouraging attendance of over forty members at our monthly prayer meeting.

Thu 4 Jul

Chris Roberts good as ever at the lunchtime talk, this time of the truth (Christ) will make you see. Pleased to meet Richard, a retired Cameroonian diplomat who lives nearby.
I found out why orderly queueing, once the mark of the English, is dead. Teachers are to blame. Waiting for the bus back home along came a party of infants from a Northolt school together with their teachers. One of whom asked me why I was pushing on to the bus, not giving way to her infants. I relied that I was at the bus stop before them and expected youth to defer to age. If teachers do not understand this what hope is there for manners in a younger generation? Presumably the teacher herself had not been taught proper courtesy. Tonight I had a difficult visit to a member who said she did not trust me. I found that a soft answer does not always turn away wrath.

Fri 5 Jul

A meeting of our elders and the of Amyand Park Chapel on a pastoral concern of mutual interest. I was very impressed by the spiritual understanding and pastoral concern of our visitors from Twickenham.

Sat 6 Jul

Seven of us for breakfast, Bible Study and the book table in Greenford. Muslim Usmani who runs their bookstall was not there so I will look out for him next week.

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