Monday, July 15, 2019

Rutherford Revised (210)

210. To my Lady Boyd   From Aberdeen 1637

(See letters 77,78,107, 167)

Madam, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I believe few know the pain and torment of Christ's postponed love: postponing Christ's presence is a torment. I know a poor soul who would put all oars in the water for a banquet or feast of Christ's love. I can only think it must be uplifting and sweet to see the white and red of Christ's fair face; for he is white and ruddy and the chief among ten thousand (Son 5:10). I am sure that His must be a well made face: heaven must be in His looks; glory, glory for evermore must show in His face. I dare not curse the mask and covering that are over His face; but oh, if there was a hole in it!  Oh, if God would tear the mask! Fy,fy on us! Until now we were never ashamed that we do not speak of our pining and longing for Him. I am sure no tongue ever spoke of Christ as He is. I still think and will continue to think that we wrong and undervalue that holy, holy One, in having such short and shallow thoughts about His weight and worth. Oh if we could only have permission to stand alongside and see the Father weigh Christ the Son! But we who have eyes of clay cannot understand how each one of them understands another. But it is a pity for evermore and more than shame that such a one as Christ should sit alone in heaven for us. It would not be a little glory to go up there once on purpose to see. Oh that He would make windows and fair and great lights in this old house, this fallen down soul, and then put the soul near to Christ, that the rays and beams of light, and the soul delighting glances of the fair, fair Godhead might shine in at the windows and fill the house! A fairer and nearer and more direct sight of Christ would make room for His love; for we are only constricted and narrow in His love. Alas, it is easy to measure and weight all the love we have for Christ by inches and ounces! Alas, that we love by measure and weight, and do not prefer to have floods and feasts of Christ's love! Oh that Christ would break the old and narrow containers of diminishing souls and make fair. deep, wide and broad souls to hold a sea and a full tide (overflowing its banks) of Christ's love. 
   Oh that the Almighty would grant me my request! That I could see Christ come to His temple again, as he is intending and is minded to do. And if the land was humbled the judgement threatened I know is, with this condition, "If you will turn and repent,' Oh, what a heaven we would have on earth to see Scotland's moon like the light of the sun, and Scotland's sunlight sevenfold, like the light of seven days in the day that the Lord binds up the tear in His people, and heals the blow of their wound! (Is 30:26). Alas, that we will not pull and tug Christ to His old tents again, to come and feed among the lilies, until the day dawns, and the shadows fly away! Oh that the nobility would go on in the strength and courage of the Lord, to bring our lawful King Jesus home again! I am sure He will again return in glory to this land; but happy will be those who help to take Him to His sanctuary, and set Him again on that mercy seat between the cherubim. O sun, return to darkened Britain! O fairest among all the sons of men, O most excellent One come home again! Come home and win the praises and blessings of the mourners in Zion, the prisoners of hope who wait for you! I know that He can also triumph in suffering, and weep and reign, and die and triumph, and remain in prison and yet defeat His enemies; but how happy would I be to see the coronation day of Christ, to see His mother who bore Him, put the crown on His head again and cry shouting until the earth rings. ' Let Jesus our King live and reign for evermore!'
   Grace, grace be with your Ladyship.
      Your Ladyship's, at all obedience in Christ.  S.R. 

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