Saturday, July 27, 2019

Borno at present

          While some in Molai are returning  gradually, many are still pessimistic and afraid of going  back. This is so considering the many villages and towns that have been overran by either BH or the army. This is the situation along the roads from Maiduguri to Limankara, Maiduguri to Gamboru Ngala and to Damboa/Chibok. The situation is the same to Baga. However, we continue to pray that Maiduguri and its surroundings will withstand the attempts of the attacks of the enemy.
          Meanwhile,  some refugees from Cameroun are returning to Gwoza, many to Maiduguri itself. As they settle down, they need our prayers and support. Most of these people are our Christian brothers and sisters, many are  widows who have lost even their children to BH.

I had one unconfirmed report that Leah Shaibu has bee murdered.

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