Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rutherford Revised (350)

350. For Mr. John Scot, at Oxnam  From St. Andrews

Dear Brother,—Do not faint; but be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. I look on it as a rich mercy that the Lord is with you, strengthening you to quicken fainters, to warm and warn any that are cold or dead, or who deaden others. Believe that it will be your peace in the end. The times are sad; yet I persuade myself that the vision will not delay, but will speak. The Lord will loose our captive chains. Oh, blessed he, though alone, who is found fast and constant for the desirable interest of Christ.
   My humble advice would be, that you see to the placing of the deacon and the ruling elder, or to anything that may weaken the Discipline. Our Second Book of Discipline should be heeded: Sessions purged. Oh! catechising and personal visiting, and speaking to them one by one concerning their interest in Christ and a state of conversion, is little in practice. The practice of family fasts is scarce known to be an ordinance of God. It were good that you would confer with godly brethren in private, concerning the promoting of godliness, concerning Christian conference, and praying together, worshipping of God in families, and solitary fasts.page713image3029411104
To His grace who can direct, quicken, and strengthen you, I commend you, and am your loving brother,   S. R.

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