Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rutherford Revised (290)

290. To a Person unknown, concerning Private Worship in time and place of public.   From St. Andrews 16 Jan 1640

Reverend and dear brother, - I do not know a private worship, set and intended, compatible with public worship, set and intended. Ejaculations are fruits of public worship and breathings of the spirit in public speaking, but they are something akin to pubic worship, but not pubic worship. 
 2. I do no know a member of he church who would have a worship differentiation in kind from the worship of the whole church; and so I do not see (saving better judgement) a lawfulness of private set praying, whether is anthor set worship of praising, reading etc.
 3. I doubt if their should be any set worship in the church to which all the hearers should not say Amen, even the rude and unbelievers (1Cor 14:23-25). But to a private prayer, when the worship is public, who can say Amen?
 4. I think the people may all fall to their private prayers and private reading, in the time the minister preaches, if he falls to praying when they are praising or hearing the word read.
 5. I dare not say they have a Pharisee's mind who pray in public after a private manner, and do not join with the public service in the church. But in regard to the nature of the work, I think them more pharisaical than that their use is Brownish.
 6. Brownism's life is separation; but the private supplication, when the church is praising and hearing the word read, in my weak judgement, is in the act of separation; while at the same time I may add, they are ignorant of Brownism, who object this to such as will not kneel in pulpit.
 7.Neither Scripture nor Act of our Assembies do allow this human custom.I think they dare not be answerable to a General Assembly who dare call to them censure for a human and unorderly custom against the word of God so directly.
 8. If such as do not go to private pulpit prayer neglect private prayer before they come in public, they serve censure. Whatever I did before  I examined this custom, I now want no more to confound worships. And so commending you the grace of God, I rest,  S.R.

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