Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rutherford Revised (349)

349.For Mr. John Scot, at Oxnam  From St. Andrews 2 Apr 1658

(See letter 334)

Reverend and Dear Brother,I saw from C. K. a testimony of your Presbytery against toleration, in which you have been instrumental. The Lord give strength to do more. I think it both rare and necessary, and would account it a great mercy, if there were an addition of a postscript from various ministers and elders, out of all the counties of Scotland. It is really the mind of all the godly and tender in this land. It is believed by some, that the Protesting party has quite given up the cause. I hope it is not so; but the Lord will be yet victorious in His most despised ones. Our darkness is great and thick, and there is much deadness; yet the Lord will be our light.
   Thus recommending you to His grace whose you are, I am, your own brother, in the Lord,   S. R.

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