Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford revised (307)

Worthy sir,- I am heartily glad hat you care about me or my ministry when I was with you. I wish you the fruits of it. I trust that you work for the power of godliness, that has been preached in the land; for salvation does not come to every man's door; and the way to heaven is a more restricted and narrower passage than each man thinks. And you are now in the most glassy part of your life, when it is easy to follow, and when the lusts of youth are foul and strong. And you are happy if you can pass through these dangers with a good conscience. So my real advice is, get to know yourself with prayer, and with searching the Scriptures of God, so He may show you the good way that brings rest to the soul. The ordinary faith and the country godliness will not save you. There must be more than the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees before a man ever enters the kingdom of God. And I will want you to take to heart the worth and price of an immortal soul, and the necessity of dying, and he fearful account of judgement at the back of death, the you may be saved.
   As for my ministry among you again, I can easier desire it than see it happening. The Lord of the harvest take care for you, and send you a pastor according to God's heart; and tha is as rare as ever despite our reformation.
   Remember my heart's love and respect to your mother and sister. Grace be with you.
      Your sometime pastor and still friend in God,  S.R.

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