Saturday, September 07, 2019

Diary w/e 7 Sep

Sun 1 Sep

After church a wonderful farewell lunch for Voinikovs en rise to Bulgaria. Hristo was brought to us 18 ears age, a backslidden Pentecostal. Now he goes as a Reformed missionary back to his home country with wife and children.

Mon 2

Donated a reclining chair by the Voinikovs as they move back to Bulgaria. MNR scan at St Mary's. Treated myself to a minicab there and Uber back. 9/11 elders a session meeting.

Tue 3
U3A world religions discussed just war.

Wed 4
9 of us at U3A current affairs on How is Boris doing? Everyone except me a remainer.  Everyone except me wants a referendum not an election. Over 40 at IPC prayer meeting.

Fri 6
here Leapers arrived for the Golden Wedding party and wen with Katy to prepare in the evening.

Sat 7
Had a great party for 50 guests for our Golden Wedding. Pics t/f.

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