Saturday, August 17, 2019

Rutherford Revised (263)

263. To Marion M'Naught   From Aberdeen  1637 

( See  44 earlier letters to her)

Dearest in our Lord Jesus, - Count it your honour that Christ has begun in you to refine you first. 'Fear not" says the Amen , the Faithful and True Witness. I write to you as my Master lives, on the word of my royal King, continue in prayer and in watching, and your glorious deliverance is coming! Christ is not far off. A fig, a straw for all the bits of clay that are risen against us! You will thresh the mountains and winnow them like chaff (Is 41:15,16). If you slack your hands at your meetings, and your watching in prayer, then it would seem our Rock has sold us; but be diligent, and do not be discouraged. I charge you in Christ, to rejoice, give thanks, believe, be strong in the Lord. That burning bush in Galloway and Kirkcudbright will not be burnt to ashes, for the Lord is in the bush. Do not be discouraged that banishment is to be procured, by the King's warrant to the council, against me: the earth is my Lord's. I am filled with His sweet love, and running over. I rejoice to hear that your on your journey. Such news as I hear, of all your faith and love rejoices my sad heart.
   Pray for me for they seek my harm; but I give myself prayer. The blessing of my Lord, and the blessing of a prisoner of Christ be with you. O chosen and greatly beloved woman, do not faint. Fy, fy, if you faint now, you lose a good cause. Double your meetings; do not stop for Zion's sake, and do not hold your peace until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
   Yours, in Christ Jesus his Lord,  S.r.

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