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Rutherford Revised (240)

240. To John Meine, Junior     From Aberdeen Sept 7 1637

(See letter 151)

Dear brother, - I received your letter. I can only write with my own hand, Christ is still the longer the better, and that this time is the time of loves. When I have said all I can, others may begin and say that I have said nothing of Him. I never knew Christo ebb or flow, wax or wane. His winds do noturn; when he seems to change, it is only us who turn our wrong sides to Him. I never had an argumentt with Him , in my hardest conflict, except from my own making. Oh that I could live in peace and good neighbourliness with such a helper and let Him alone. My unbelief made many black lies, bur my recantation to Christ is not worth hearing. Surely he has borne with strange tricks in me; He knows my heart has no natural intelligence to keep company with such a Saviour.
   You do well to fear your backsliding. I would have stood sure in my youth if I had borrowed Christo be my foundation. . But he who carries his own weighto heaven, will not fail to slip and sink. You did not need to be bare footed among the thorns of this apostate generation. lest a stake strike up into your foot, and cause you to limp all your days. And do nothink Christ will do with you  in the matter of suffering as the Pope does in the matter of sin. You will not find that Chriswill sell a dispensation or give a debtor's protection against crosses. Crosses are proclaimed as common accidents to all the saints, and in them stands a part of our communion with Christ; buthere lies a sweet casualty to the cross, even Christ's presence and his comforts, when the are sanctified.
   Remember my love to your father and mother. Grace be with you.
   Yours in His sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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