Friday, January 12, 2018


When  something is close to person's heart, to their religion, it is very difficult for them to speak about it without taking it personally and it is hard for me to be dispassionate about error. If I criticise a religion or belief, those holding those views, believing that religion, will take it personally. So beware debate on Islam or sexuality especially in public. I will cause offence if I speak plainly my Christian held beliefs on either. 

Of course it can help to remember what it feels like to be on the receiving where whites said means little or nothing to the speaker but is powerfully hurtful to you as a Christian. Examples are taking God's name in vain, blasphemy, ridicule. 
   So I may believe someone is a false prophet, warmonger and paedohile  but to name him and say so would not be helpful or constructive comment. Also I have been rebuked for using the terms priestess and bishopette and though I believe Christ has not given headship to females in either church or family I should not mock those happy for the distaff side to rule their roost. I must curb my tongue lest I give unnecessary offence. My views are offensive enough without the offence of sounding demeaning to the persons involved.

   There is though the question of choosing words to be approving or pejorative. Your freedom fighter is my terrorist. You are gay. I am not allowed to call you queer . But you can call yourself that. I will never call you nigger so please do not call yourself that. Not that I will ban any one word. Guy Gibson's dog in the Dam Busters will still be nigger to me. That was his name. I do not even mind the use of fuck if you want a short coarse word for sexual congress. But do not use it as a mere expletive or adjectivally/adverbially. That merely shows a careless insensitivity or limitation in your use of language.If you persist with f or c words I will not watch you on TV or film, read your writing. have you on my facebook threads or invite you to talk with my grandchildren.
   But there are similar considerations with blasphemy, Secularists, the non-religious do not care. There is no such thing. OTOH I believe there is such a thing. It is offensive to me when there is careless or deliberate blasphemy. But first we have to consider blasphemy, what it is and who if anyone should be offended.
   That is another post for the blog.

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